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Laura Eastaugh is a Boston woman whose interview with 7NEWS goes viral after she went to Fenway Park with her ‘Dunkies’ to vote.
A Boston woman’s trip to Fenway Park to use the ballot during the weekend early voting quickly went viral after an interview with 7NEWS.

Laura Eastaugh wearing a patriots jersey

Laura Eastaugh arrived at the famous basketball court wearing a Patriots jersey and a Boston sports-themed face mask while holding an iced coffee from Dunkin.
7NEWS came over to discuss why she decided to stop by Fenway Park to vote, and her response caught national attention.
“I wanted to vote at Fenway because we all stayed inside for a while. I got my dunks. I’m ready to vote for Joe Biden, but I wish I’d voted for Bernie Sanders, but it’s a team sport,” Eastaugh said with a thick Boston accent.
A screen recording of the interview had more than 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours on Twitter.
Since then, she has inspired a new Sully’s Brand T-shirt featuring an Eastaugh-approved checklist that reads “Dunkies, Fenway, Vote”. (This is a team sport.) ”

Laura Eastaugh What she knows exactly

Laura Eastaugh knew exactly what she was doing when she walked to Fenway Park on Saturday, her first day of voting early on her favorite baseball field.
SHe grasped a medium-sized iced coffee adorned with a Pats jersey and matched to her New England sports-themed face mask, while she glanced at the electorate going to the ballot box at the farthest point in Boston.
“I thought I had to do all the stereotypical Boston stuff because I was going to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to vote at Fenway Park,” the 29-year-old Brighton resident told me. “So I put on my Cam Newton uniform – my number one, favorite player! – and went there to vote with my roommate and my Dunkin ‘Donuts.”
On the way, she says she has epiphany. As an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, she planned to hold her nose and vote for Joe Biden. The former vice president was not her first choice, but she decided the policy was a “team sport”. The irony was not lost as the home team was about to get one for the team at home base. she wanted to share this enlightenment with the world.
When she arrived at the scene, she saw a local news cameraman interviewing voters and caught her moment. And after all, if there’s one thing sports fans in Boston love more than anything else, it’s attacking the cameras outside of Fenway.

The rest is viral internet history.

“I wanted to vote on Fenway because we all stayed a bit inside and got my Dunk,” she says with a perfect Boston accent behind her giant dark sunglasses and all the perseverance of a Sox. fascinated on game day. “I’m ready to vote for Joe Biden, but I wish I had voted for Bernie Sanders, but it’s a team sport!”
If any footage could better capture an early voting footage of Sox’s home, I couldn’t imagine what would happen. Naturally, a short video of the clip first aired on Monday morning went mega viral on Twitter and TikTok. And Eastaugh instantly turned into a star. One person wrote on Twitter, “For my friends who don’t live here: This woman is our prime minister.” “The Queen” wrote countless others.

What Laura Eastaugh hopes for

The thing is, Eastaugh doesn’t actually speak like that. At least not always. “It could have been some performance art,” she said on the phone with definitely less Boston sound.
She told me she learned that she had perfected the accent seen in the video years ago and that it worked while working on the child support practice for the Massachusetts Revenue Department. “I’ve always lived in Boston, so I don’t imitate a Boston accent or anything like that,” she says, but “when I used my cute girlish voice like that sometimes people walked all over me on the phone, so I started doing an exaggerated Boston accent and people. SHe stopped fighting me so much over the phone. ”
He thought that bowing to Boston would increase the likelihood of appearing on the evening news and would give him a larger platform to persuade more rejected Bernie voters to pull the lever for Biden. And that’s exactly what happened: the tweet with the clip was shared thousands of times and the quote was tweeted, and in just a few hours, it got over a million views on TikTok.
“All of Bernie’s messages have always really spoken to me, she said things like“ this is our revolution ”and“ it’s not about me, it’s about us. ”“ So I do everything I can to get the message that says I feel you, Bernie ‘as we want. I understand your pain for not voting for. “