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LaToya Ratlieff

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LaToya Ratlieff was A peaceful protester in Florida suffered a cracked skull after police shot her in the head with a foam rubber bullet as she was running away from tear gas.

LaToya Ratlieff, 34, was already coughing and choking on the tear gas and attempting to get to safety when she was hit following a protest on Sunday, according to the Miami Herald.

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LaToya Ratlieff

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‘I would’ve continue to lay on the ground while the cops watched me bleeding. I was walking away. I was peaceful and I was still attacked,’ she said in an Instagram post.

Video footage of the incident from around 7pm Sunday in Fort Lauderdale shows Ratlieff kneeling several yards in front of a line of cops with other demonstrators protesting police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The moment she was shot was not caught as the group moved from the tear gas but the aftermath shows other protesters pulling her to safety as blood runs down her face.

The protesters, who she did not know, rushed Ratlieff in their car to Broward General Medical Center while the emergency-trained police officers decked out in riot gear looked on.

LaToya Ratlieff, 34, is seen in the orange tank top to the right holding a sign and walking away from the cops and tear gas moments before she was shot in the head with a foam rubber bullet

Ratlieff says she was brought to her knees by the hit that opened a bloody gash over her right eye.

Medical records show that it fractured her eye socket leaving her face swollen.

Moments before the tear gas was fired, she said that she was encouraging the protesters gathered to remain peaceful and kneel with her.

She posted to her Instagram account that she had been heading back to her car to go home when she noticed a group begin to get rowdy.

Ratlieff, the great-niece of a renowned civil rights activist, added that the protest that day had been peaceful up until a cop identified as Steven Pohorence shoved a female protester who was kneeling.

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Latoyo Ratlieff

  • LaToya Ratlieff, 34, was trying to run from tear gas when Fort Lauderdale police fired a rubber bullet at her head
  • She suffered a fractured eye socket after other protesters rushed her to a medical center in their car 
  • She said police did not help and ‘watched me bleeding’ after she had been peacefully protesting
  • Ratlieff said she had been returning to her car after the protest on Sunday when she noticed a group on angry protesters
  • She tried to deescalate the situation and took a knee, encouraging other protesters to do the same 
  • ‘I was walking away. I was peaceful and I was still attacked,’ she said

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