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Lane Ruhland, a local reporter recorded as she headed in to drop off the signatures that would qualify Kanye West for his presidential bid in Wisconsin

Lane Ruhland Keypoints Headlines

  • West’s nominating petitions were dropped off with state regulators in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday by Lane Ruhland 
  • Ruhland, a top Republican lawyer and former general counsel for the state GOP, was filmed dropping off the signatures
  • West’s ties to the four individuals has raised questions about the intentions of his White House bid and whether the campaign is all a just a GOP-orchestrated ruse
  • Petitioning company Let the voters Decide, which is headed by Mark Jacoby, has been helping the West secure signatures to run in three states 
  • Jacoby was arrested on charges of voter fraud in 2008 while working for the Republican Party in California 
  • Gregg Keller, the former executive director of the American Conservative Union, has been listed as a contact for West’s campaign in Arkansas 
  • Keller was previously under consideration to become Donald Trump’s campaign manager in 2015, but lost out to Corey Lewandowski 
  • The fourth person with partisan ties linked to the West campaign is Chuck Wilton, from Vermont, who is listed as a convention delegate for Trump
  • If West’s intentions are to disrupt the general election between Biden and Trump, his presence in states such as Wisconsin could be pivotal in deciding the race
  • Trump narrowly won Wisconsin in 2016, snapping a string of Democratic presidential candidates winning the state going back to 1988


On the ballot in Kanye West, Wisconsin, he sent signatures, possibly the most important case on the presidential map – and these signatures were rejected by an experienced GOP operator.

Noting that a local correspondent is heading for the Western signatures for a presidential bid in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Lane Ruhland is one of a handful of GOP election lawyers in the state and a former legal adviser, the state Republican Party.

Lane Ruhland Work

Ruhland’s work for the West’s former presidential campaign made him the last Republican operation to join the star who decided to run for himself after an extended meeting with President Trump.

Matt Smith from local reporter WISN did not identify Ruhland, who refused to comment on him. A local Republican agent told VICE News that she was Ruhland.

In a short telephone conversation, Ruhland declined to comment – and hung up on whether it worked in the West’s campaign and why it worked.

“I will leave any comments on petitions, articles and what the campaign is to itself,” said VICE News. “Thank you for contacting us, but I will let them comment.”

Lane Ruhland Work for Husch Blackwell

Ruhland currently works for Husch Blackwell, a national law firm. Prior to that, she held quite senior roles in the Wisconsin GOP circles. Ruhland was the environmental and energy policy director of Wisconsin Industrialists and Commerce, a GOP-prone business group that helped finance the latest Republican candidates. Prior to that, Brad Schimel (R), then Wisconsin Chief Prosecutor, was deputy chairman, and from 2014-2015, Wisconsin’s legal adviser was the Republican Party.

In her speech last September, she sees that she advocates conservative principles:

As New York Magazine reported for the first time on Monday, the West is working with Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and Gregg Keller, an experienced GOP operator working in fewer races. Keller is located in St. Petersburg where Husch Blackwell’s headquarters is located. Louis is located in Mo and has Wisconsin Ties – including a hint in the presidential campaign of former Government Scott Walker (R). While attending law school, Ruhland served as the 2012 operational law clerk of the Romney campaign, Walker’s legal intern and policy advisor.

Keller did not respond to a call or short message requesting comment.

She continues to see exactly what she hopes to achieve with the chaotic and last-minute presidential offer of the West. A campaign look was curvy and semi-consistent, prompting observers to question her mental health, and her beginner team struggled to qualify him in a number of key situations.

However, Republicans hope that the West can delete their votes from Biden, especially Black voters, on the ballot paper. Given this dynamic and the connections West has developed in conservative circles due to its connection to Trump, it is no shock that some GOP operators seem eager to help the 2020 presidential game.