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Lana Murphy is a Channel 9 reporter who had an unfortunate slip of the tongue, says ‘f*** my life’ live on air, after dropping the f-bomb during windy conditions in Victoria.

Lana Murphy apologized later

A Melbourne news reporter apologized after the prerecorded piece to the camera was aired during the city’s nightly newsletter.

“F ** k my life,” Nine News reporter Lana Murphy said shortly after stumbling over her words, in a common misconception that no one outside of the network’s newsroom would have known if the station hadn’t broadcast. inadvertently.

Ms Murphy appears to have taken the mistake in stride and apologized to viewers “that they got more than they bargained for.”

She also followed up with the deciding factor that many could relate to, writing: “2020, even though am I right?”
Support flowed for the reporter on social media.

Channel 9 reporter Lana Murphy apologized to the audience after an unfortunate shift of language during a “live” crossing this afternoon.

When the 9News reporter stumbled in the middle of the sentence and muttered “my life”, she was making a piece for the camera in Melbourne’s 16:00 newsletter.

Using her hand to brush her hair, the journalist voices “my hair” to someone outside the camera, just before the video feed is cut.

Alicia Loxley by 9News quickly apologized to the audience for Lana Murphy bad language

In the studio, newsreader Alicia Loxley quickly advanced through the blunder, but later apologized to the audience.
“We apologize for an earlier report that contains a bad language by mistake,” she said.

“Obviously she shouldn’t have been on this post and we’re sorry for the error.”

Murphy went to Twitter to explain the gaffe and accidentally posted the “wrong version” of a pre-recorded “live” cross.

“We love friends and apologies to those who bought more than they bargained at @ 9NewsMelb,” she said.

“Sorry, the wrong version of preregistration has been released (explicitly) but luckily I have a great boss and I’ll be back on your screens tomorrow.

Murphy said she apologized by taking everything step by step, saluting to the turbulent year so far, “2020, am I right?”