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According to The New York Times and USA Today, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested on first-degree murder charges after shooting three protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night, two of whom died.

What is the incident detail of Kyle Rittenhouse

Armed with the AR-15, the teenager crossed state borders from Antakya, Illinois, to stand guard in front of his workplaces during the unrest caused by the shooting of Jacob Blake by police days ago.


Nick Penzenstadler of USA Today has been detained and will be charged with first-degree intentional murder.

Protesters from Wisconsin and surrounding states took to the streets for the past three nights, caught up in the shooting of Jacob Blake and the anger of Blacks who died at the hands of the police.

Organized protests ended after 8 pm. Kenosha resident Koerri Elijah, who arrived at the scene, told Insider that the curfew was pushing crowds from the police station and courthouse.

After that, unorganized chaos filled the streets. Looters burned down many businesses and countless cars and city cars were destroyed.

Small armed civilian groups took on the task of defending the town’s affairs, some stationed outside a gas station.

Around midnight, protesters and some militias gathered in the area, some arguing, but not violent, Insider told Insider.

A young man who has since been identified as Rittenhouse was in the area but did not appear to be part of any organized group. Elijah said he looked more indecisive and “nervous” than the others.

“I always noticed him. He didn’t appear with anyone there,” he said. “He was armed. It didn’t seem like a threat, but I thought maybe I should keep an eye on him.”

Elijah said he had passed Rittenhouse at one point and heard a shot soon after.

The footage was recorded in several videos posted on social media. Since then, two of the victims, one of whom was shot in the head, have died. Another was hospitalized.

Kyle Rittenhouse Video

In one video, Rittenhouse is seen running through a crowd of people in a street. A person shouts, “That man shot someone.” He stumbles and falls and sees him firing as several people approach him.

Immediately after the second clash, a group of police vehicles advance over the crowd. Rittenhouse walks towards them and is seen to alternately raise his hands and touch his gun. The vehicles drift away as he approaches, and Rittenhouse waved a gentle hand at them.

The footage of the incident was shared on Twitter by Brendan Gutenschwager, a cameraman who regularly filmed the protests.

In another video recorded, a teenager who looks like Rittenhouse walks away from an injured protester on the ground and talks on his cell phone.

As he runs, the voice screams and a voice says “I killed someone”.

Rittenhouse Social Media Photos

Hours before police dubbed Rittenhouse a suspect, web detectives began following him online and shared details about his presence on social media.

Rittenhouse, who lives about 4o minutes from Kenosha, posed on Facebook in American flagged slippers with his long gun. Several of his photos on Facebook were placed in the background of the Blue Lives Matter flags and engagements.

A photo from 2017 shows him as a law enforcement officer at Target, a program for youth dealing with law enforcement. The photo has since been removed.

Rittenhouse was also described in a local news release as a “fire protection student” in the same area of ​​Illinois.

Instagram also has a Blue Lives Matter background, but it’s set to special on Wednesday.

Rittenhouse’s attempts to reach out to his family failed on Wednesday.




Who is Kyle Rittenhouse Bio

Populating his Facebook page with gun pictures and police advocacy photos, Antioch, a young supporter of the police, was selected as a hitman accused in a chaotic shooting sequence that broke out in a police shooting demonstration in Kenosha, Illinois, Illinois. Death of Jacob Blake. Heavy confirmed through Illinois court records that Rittenhouse was in custody in Illinois, where he was accused of being a fugitive of justice. Records say he was charged with first-degree intentional murder in Kenosha.

The name of Rittenhouse, who is widely shared on social media as the man in the green shirt who opened fire after being chased on the street, appears in court records. The Heavy received a court record from the Lake County Courts in Illinois confirming that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who lives in Antakya, was charged with “intentional first-degree murder” in the Kenosha County courts in Wisconsin State. He is accused of “fleeing the State of Wisconsin to avoid prosecution for this crime” in an arrest warrant. The document was filed on August 26.

Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Incident Detail

On the evening of August 25, clashes broke out as demonstrators and counter-demonstrators were ground in the streets and pushed back from the park and courthouse by the authorities. A series of clashes ensued, and witnesses and videos show several different gunfire incidents that erupted in turn. Witnesses and the referral voice pointed out that there could be more than one hitman. Rittenhouse is the only accused hitman so far.

As witnesses and videos indicate, two people were killed and a third shot at demonstrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shortly before midnight on August 25, as evidenced by a series of chaotic armed clashes on the street. Graphic videos show a victim lying on the ground with a head injury. One person in the video claims that Rittenhouse shouted that he was not a hitman before he fell to the ground and opened fire.

The unrest flared up after Blake, 29, was shot and paralyzed by a Kenosha police officer in an incident still under investigation. A video showing the shoot went viral.

Kyle Rittenhouse and Cadet Uniform

Photos on Rittenhouse’s mother’s Facebook page show her a police cadet uniform and an outfit that looks like a firefighter’s uniform. The picture shows a heart with the word “We Scribble Blue” and a pinstriped blue flag inside.

A now deleted Facebook post shows that he was part of the Grayslake-Lindenhurst-Hainesville Public Safety Cadet Program in 2017. A photo shows Kyle Rittenhouse participating in a program for teenagers showing an interest in law enforcement. Heavy contacted the police there for comment.

“On August 25, 2020 at 23:45, Kenosha Police, together with auxiliary agencies, responded to 63rd Street and Sheridan Road area for reports of gunfire and several bullet victims,” ​​Kenosha police wrote in a news release.

“The hit resulted in two deaths and a third bullet wounded, was transported to the hospital with serious but not life-threatening wounds. The shooting investigation is active and ongoing. More details about the shooting will not be disclosed at this time. The names, ages and city of residence of the victims are still being determined.”

The police did not confirm if there were more than one suspect. Also, they haven’t identified the victims yet.

Rittenhouse’s Facebook Page BLM Support and Gun Photos

Screenshots taken from Rittenhouse’s Facebook page show that the profile picture shows Blue Lives Matter support. It shows Rittenhouse holding a big gun with the words blue lives in a circle around him. Facebook cover photo showed him a big gun. The photos are filled with graphics of law enforcement, some honoring martyred officers and others showing a thin blue line flag. The page has been deleted.
In a photo showing him with a large gun, he is seen wearing American flag stockings.

As of August 19, Kenosha County filed traffic lawsuits on charges of speeding on the freeway and working without a valid license. These records also give their address as Antakya.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he wasn’t sure if there was a single hitman.



Kyle Rittenhouse Videos, Investigation

Kenosha police told the Heavy that the State Justice Department was investigating the shot; The DOJ is also the lead agency investigating the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who initiated the whole disorder. Eyewitnesses told that Heavy had been shot in the head of a man at the scene and described people with convulsions and lying on the floor.

Fuck it. Was found. # Someone who looted a car shop in Kenosha was shot in the head pic.twitter.com/apOH9PP6pl

– Manipulated Media ™ (@thc_media) August 26, 2020

Videos and eyewitnesses described a confusing scene with multiple gunfire explosions. At one point, videos and eyewitnesses show that a white man in a green shirt ran down the street and shouted that he was not a hitman while people were chasing him. Several witnesses said that the Heavy was shot by a skateboarder and fell to the ground, shooting with a gun. People said they heard more than one gun being fired. It turned out to be a shot before the chase. Three witnesses told the Heavy that the actual hitman was a person with a helmet and a bulletproof vest and was not the same man being chased. They said the first fire was ignited when the white man argued with Black Lives Matter protesters for lighting fire in the area. Pictures of the man in the green shirt were widely circulated on social media as people tried to identify him.

Another view of Kenosha militia shoot #kenoshaprotest #KenoshaUprising #KenoshaShooting #Kenosha pic.twitter.com/UryWLeZlT7

– Protest, USA (@fas Georgiaista) August 26, 2020

One video showed the man in the green shirt walking with the police.

This is the Kenosha hitman who was offered water by the Kenosha police.

“We are grateful you are here.”

The police are working with the shooting militia. We have to eliminate the police. They don’t help pic.twitter.com/mdgKuOTuUS

– New York Socialist (@berniebromanny) August 26, 2020

There is another victim at the end of the street. “In one of the videos that you can see later in the story, there is a man, a loaded gun on the way.”

“After people chased a man with a rifle, more than one gun was fired. The rifle guy tripped and crashed. He fired his gun at a man who jumped on him, ”wrote TownHall.com journalist Julio Rosas.

In a video of CJ TV, as you can see above, shooting starts at about 7 minutes of the video. The narrator says that at one point in the video a man’s arm “exploded”. A gunman shot two people, the narrator says. He describes the man in the green shirt as one of the “militia” people.

At the beginning of the video, protesters go to control a tire fire. At this point, gunshots are heard. The narrator says, “Gunshots there,” and starts running. People start shouting for a doctor. An upside down garbage can lies in the middle of the street.

Then the man in the green shirt runs down the middle of the street with a long gun. Someone said, They will beat him. Make more gunfire.

The narrator says, “Oh my god shot that man in the stomach.” “S ***, people around us get shot.”

The accused shooter Rittenhouse wears a green shirt with a backwards baseball cap and runs with a long gun. People chase. Make more gunfire. Someone shouted, “I didn’t do it.”

A man is bleeding from his right arm and people are getting a tourniquet. “This guy was directly in front of me and I watched him shoot two people,” says the narrator.

One of Andrew Mercado’s live broadcast shows people gathering at a gas station before gunshots broke out in the street. “People just shoot. Oh my God,” says Mercado. Remember that the language in the video is graphical.

“Oh my God, he says.” Oh my god, these gunfire. They’re shooting. “Gunshots erupt at the 3rd hour and 40th minute of the video above. Just before shooting, Mercado said,” The town looks like he’s firing people. These are the community members here. “Multiple gunfire sounds. “Shot. It’s a real gunshot. I’m just crossing 61st Street,” he says.

“Someone was hurt,” a man shouted.

Mercado says, “There are still gunshots in the city. They are shooting.” People run down the street.

“He’s not a hit man,” he said at another point. Now on the ground. It is shooting, shooting, shooting. Bend over Get down. “More gunfire.

“People fell to the ground, shot.”

More shots are playing in the video.

There is a fire burning in the street.

There is confusion about the man people are chasing. He got hit in the head and just shot him, man. He had a gun, ”Mercado said.

Another man said to him, “This is too much.” “Another person down the street was shot without being shot.”

A white man with a gun in a baseball cap was interviewed. “We left at the beginning to protect the property here. Things got a little complicated,” he said. “We managed to calm him down. Then we were trying to provide medical assistance to the protesters. ” Said

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