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Krystal Browitt

Krystal Browitt Wiki – Bio

Krystal Browitt wiki, the 21-year-old Melbourne woman missing since the White Island volcano eruption, has become the first victim to be identified by police from the six bodies recovered from the island on Friday. Bio

Krystal Browitt 21 Years old woman from Melbourne, an Australian woman has been confirmed as the ninth Australian to have died in the New Zealand volcanic eruption as divers continue to search for two bodies near White Island. NZ police publicly released the 21-year-old’s name after her family was notified on Saturday.

It takes to nine the official death toll, with a presumptive toll of 16.

Nine Australians are confirmed dead, two are presumed to have died and 13 are in hospital with severe burns.

Krystal Browitt Age

She was 21-year-old Krystal Browitt, an Australian citizen.

Krystal Browitt Education

It is understood that Browitt – a veterinary student – had been on the Ovation of the Seas cruise with her family celebrating her 21st birthday. Her father and sister were reportedly hospitalized following the eruption.

Krystal Browitt Work

She was employed by Australian supermarket company Woolworths, which released a statement on Wednesday saying its thoughts were with the loved ones of the victims.

“We’re also offering our support to their colleagues, who are understandably shaken by the news.”


Rescue Search Operation for Krystal Browitt 47 other People

Some 47 people, including 24 Australian citizens and four permanent residents, were on the island when the volcano erupted on Monday.

Meanwhile, police and navy divers dealt with low visibility and dead fish in contaminated waters off the volcanic island in their attempt to find a seventh and eighth body.


The ground search was not resumed on Saturday, as authorities consider the next steps in their operation to retrieve eight bodies.

The high-stakes recovery mission to Whakaari’s ash-covered surface flew out six bodies on Friday, much to the relief of families.

Police have vowed to continue their search until all eight bodies have been recovered.


Krystal Browitt Family

This Family was so excited to have a good holiday break this time but I can’t imagine Mother Nature can be so cruel to them.’   

Ms Konda told Seven News her young neighbour said they would bring in the holiday season together upon her return to Melbourne. 

‘She was like “I’m going on a holiday. We’ll be back soon and celebrate Christmas together.”‘

Krystal Browitt was on the island with her sister Stephanie and her father Paul when the volcano erupted. Stephanie is in a coma in hospital with her mother, Marie, who stayed onboard their cruise ship instead of taking the volcano trip, at her bedside. Paul Browitt is being treated for burns in a hospital in Melbourne.

GoFundMe page to support Krystal Browitt Family

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the Browitt family, which has so far raised $44,906 of its $100,000 goal.

‘They need all our thoughts and prayers and most importantly financial help to cope with this ordeal,’ the fundraiser reads.

So far 10 Australians are confirmed dead or presumed dead, with their bodies either in hospital morgues or still on the island.

Sydney schoolboys Matthew and Berend Hollander, aged 13 and 16 respectively, died as they toured White Island with their parents Martin and Barbara on Monday.


There are five stages to the victim identification process.

Phase 1: Scene

  • The deceased are examined and documented, then taken to the mortuary.

Phase 2: Mortuary

  • The body is examined by a pathologist, forensic dentist, fingerprint officer and Police DVI team.
  •  Personal effects such as jewellery, clothing are photographed, then collected, examined, cleaned, re-photographed and secured.

Phase 3: Ante-mortem Information retrieval

Ante-mortem retrieval is when information is brought in about a missing person from the outside.

  •  Police gather information about possible victims, such as descriptions of appearance, clothing, jewellery, photos medical and dental records, x-rays fingerprints, and  DNA samples.

Phase 4: Reconciliation

  • Information from post-mortem and ante-mortem phases are brought together to find a match.
  •  At an identification hearing, the Coroner is presented evidence of the match by fingerprint, dentistry, DNA and Police DVI experts and decides if identification has been established.
  • Family and/or foreign authorities are advised, then media.

Phase 5: Debrief

  • People involved in the DVI process keep each other updated throughout all stages.
  • Support and welfare is made available to staff including stress and grief counsellors, chaplains, Victim Support and Police Welfare officers.

Krystal Browitt Fast Facts You Must Need To Know

  • Krystal Browitt, 21, was confirmed dead in the White Island volcano disaster
  • She was on a cruise with her parents Paul and Marie and sister Stephanie
  • Marie stayed behind and watched in horror as the volcano erupted during tour
  • Distraught mother is by Stephanie’s bedside and Paul is in an induced coma
  • Krystal never made it off the island and her body is stranded there until recovery 

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