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Krysta Martinez Wiki – Krysta Martinez Biography

KRYSTA MARTINEZ. The young woman who started the #FindVanessaGuillen movement dies in a car “accident”, according to a statement posted online on July. 1, 2020.Krysta Martinez was a former private first class in the Army

How Krysta Martinez died and cause of death

Krysta Martinez passed away from a “car accident” •she was stationed at Fort Hood Army Base •one of the first persons to help Vanessas family •she filed a sexual harassment complaint.

The sad news that Krysta Martinez, a US retired soldier, passed away has been confirmed and his condolences flow to social media.
Krysta Martinez, a veteran who recently served in Fort Hood, was one of the protesters and responders to his military sister, Pfc. Vanessa Guillen, 20, was spotted in the parking lot of the Regiment Engineer Fleet Headquarters in Fort Hood in the middle of a working day on April 22.
Krysta Martinez also said that she was harassed while she was at her base, and while she didn’t know Vanessa Guillen personally, she was now fighting for her safe return.
Our hearts are broken for the suffering family, and we want our privacy to be respected.

How Krysta Martinez was harrassed listen by herself?

Krysta Martinez said she was also harassed while stationed at the base and, while she did not know Vanessa Guillen personally, she was now fighting for her safe return.
Our hearts break for her grieving family, friends and we urge that their privacy please be respected.
Died: June 2020.
Details of Death: Circumstances around Krysta Martinez accident death is not public at this time.
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Krysta Martinez Funeral And tributes

Krysta Martinez obituary, funeral arrangements have not been announced yet. We will share the updates when they are approved and published, and as we learn more.
Please pray while reading the tributes below. They were shared publicly on social media, and unfortunately they confirmed Krysta Martinez’s death and how much she would be missed.
Take a look at the left side of the picture, this is Krysta Martinez. She sadly passed away this week in a car accident.
She was one of the first ones to help with anything the Guillen Family needed.
Krista Martinez was also a soldier that was stationed in Fort Hood Army Base.
Krysta was a retired soldier that also suffered of sexual harassment by fellow superior.
Krysta was one of the brave ones first ones to speak about her case with the family.
Krysta was helping with shirts, flyers, protest, and with anything that had to due with Vanessa, because she once said “ I feel that Vanessa is my sister and I will also do anything in my hands for her” even though she never met Vanessa or knew her.
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Anything helps, it’s now our time to put a little bit our pocket for one of our fellow soldier and friend.
Krysta, we will always remember you because you gave the family strength and you are star.
Krysta you will be remembered always and forever because of the great person you are.
We truly miss you but only god knows why.
Krysta may you Rest In Peace beautiful and take care of your loved ones . 🙏🏼