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Schollenberger, 41, and Kimberly Maurer, 35, were arrested little more than three months after the boy’s emaciated and battered body was found around noon on May 26 in their home in the first block of South White Oak Street.

Why and when Kimberly Maurer arrested?

Schollenberger, 41, and Maurer, 35, were arrested a little over three months after the emaciated and battered body of the boy was found in their home on the first block of South White Oak Street at noon on May 26.

Detectives said what the investigators found was a house of horror.

They said that the boy was completely naked and his body covered with feces was spread on a bed covered with human excrement in a room covered with old waste so moldy.

“Claw marks appeared on the sheets of the child victim,” they wrote. “Such marks created indentations in the stained stool.”

The smell of human excrement spread to the second floor of the house. Hirsch and Shaffer said that there was no light in the boy’s room and the window curtains were sealed with tape, so the child could see the sunlight and even the outside world. They said the metal hooks locked the room from the outside.

They said that the only furniture in the room was the dirty bed. There was not a single toy, and they said that every piece of clothing they found was covered in faeces. He was holding a cup of water next to the bed.

Detectives said the boy was “very weak” and his stomach was swollen. Subsequent research showed that he weighed only 47 pounds, about half the average weight of a boy of his age, and was 8 inches shorter than the norm. There were indications that they would be too weak to stand or walk, they wrote.

They said that the boy also had a head injury. Death was attributed to “blunt force head injury complicating hunger / malnutrition”.

Hirsch and Shaffer said Maurer had been a caregiver for the boy since he was 2 years old. Schollenberger and Maurer said that the boy denied suffering from any mental or physical ailments. Maurer told the researchers that Schollenberger was the child’s caregiver because he expressed “extreme disappointment” with the child and was afraid of hurting him.

They wrote that Schollenberger and Maurer had other children together who “looked healthy, well-adjusted and well-groomed”. Detectives said that these children received regular medical care and went to school.

Kimberly Maurer investigation report

Investigators reported that they had hardly ever seen the victim before the other children died. “Some of (Schollenberger’s and Maurer’s) family and friends also reported not seeing the victim for a long time, and some were not even aware of its existence.”

Schollenberger and Maurer are charged with murder and endangering children. Both are held in the county prison without bail.

District Attorney Pier Hess Graf was to hold a press conference on the case Monday morning.