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Kathryn Patterson was among those who were arrested on Monday on charges of disorder that broke out their stations on Sunday night after the fatal police shooting of a 27-year-old man.

Lancaster City police said Monday they arrested eight people on charges of “disorder” that broke out outside their stations on Sunday night after the fatal police shooting of a 27-year-old man.

Police said Ricardo Munoz was killed while attacking a police officer with a knife after the officer responded to a call for domestic mayhem. The footage is being investigated by the county prosecutor, and the police posted video from the officer’s body camera.

What police say about Kathryn Patterson

Police said only two of those charged in connection with the Sunday night protest were residents. Several people attending the show told PennLive that it started peacefully and stayed that way until foreigners started damaging the property.

Police said the front window of the station was damaged, as well as the window of the nearby post office and a parked car. Some said they sprayed protesters with a disturbing substance while collecting debris and setting fire to a garbage can in the streets of Prince and Chestnut.

“We are receiving calls from business owners in the city center all morning as they realize that vandalism is damaging their business,” the police said.

Police said two of the arrested protesters had handguns. The charges included arson, unlicensed firearm carrying, riot, irregular behavior and defiant intrusion.

the people who were arrested along with Kathryn Patterson

The arrested is Jamal S. Newman, 24, from Lancaster, who was registered as homeless and under surveillance; Barry Jones, 30 from York; Frank Gaston, 43, from Ephrata, is also listed as homeless and under surveillance; Yoshua D. Montague, 23 from York; Matthew Modderman, 31 from Lancaster; Talia Gessner of York, 18; Kathryn Patterson, 20 of Mercersburg; and Taylor Enterline, 20, Manheim.

“This office fully supports the right to assembly and peaceful protest, but the tumultuous behavior demonstrated last night is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said on Monday. “This kind of unlawful behavior moves away from working with the community only to address issues worth discussing. Make no mistake, those who cannot protest peacefully and instead resort to violence will be prosecuted and held fully responsible.”

Adams said law enforcement agencies “act professionally to protect the lives of those at potential danger”.
Adams said the police used tear gas when objects were thrown at the police station and officers. An armored vehicle was used by the district SERT team to break down the barricade that the demonstrators had set up on West Chestnut Street.

“Police / SERT actions prevented further damage to property and vehicles and prevented harm to individuals in the area,” the DA said.