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Karla Anderson

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A grandmother wielding a baseball bat confronted protesters in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday, accusing the peaceful marchers of rioting and ‘stirring things up’.

Karla Anderson, 75, came face-to-face with a group of people protesting against the May 25 killing of George Floyd and calling for an end to police brutality.

She began swinging her baseball bat, which was swiftly removed from her by a protester on a bicycle.

Anderson later said she believed the march was about fostering ‘racial tension’ and ‘stirring things up’.

Karla Anderson Protesting Story

‘I’m going to protect my property. You have no right to riot,’ she said, as the protesters left.

‘They’re not rioting,’ a woman by the side of the road replied.

‘They f****** are,’ Anderson said.

Anderson on Thursday explained why she brought a baseball bat.

‘Just to show that I was willing to defend East,’ she said, adding that she intended to use the bat if she was attacked.

She said, without evidence, that she believed Antifa, a far-left group, was involved in the march.

After being reminded that no destruction occurred as a result of the protests, Anderson suggested that was because East Grand Rapids police are ‘great’ and had it ‘pretty well-controlled.’

‘This (march) is not about Black Lives Matter,’ she said. ‘This is about racial division, OK? This is about keeping things stirred up.

‘I’m not afraid. I have grandchildren and I would do anything to keep East the way it is, so children can walk around and ride their bikes. That’s the kind of childhood I had.’

East Grand Rapids, a wealthy enclave southeast of Grand Rapids, is 94.6 per cent white, the recent census data shows.

Anderson contested that.

Karla Anderson

Karla Anderson age is 75 years

Fast Facts You Must Need to know Karla Anderson

  • Karla Anderson, 75, swung a bat at protesters in Grand Rapids on Wednesday
  • Anderson says that she has no regrets and was defending her neighborhood
  • Protesters took the bat off her and quickly diffused the situation without harm
  • Anderson later said protest fostered ‘racial tension’ and was ‘stirring things up’

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