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Junseok Chae Wiki – Junseok Chae Biography

Junseok Chae was a professor of engineering with a slew of awards,Junseok Chae was reported missing on March 25 and deputies recovered his remains in an Arizona landfill on July 17.

Junseok Chae Misssing report

In a statement, the sheriff’s office reported that Junseok Chae, the research dean and engineering professor, was missing because he did not return home from work on March 25.

In Junseok Chae Murder case two teens are charged with murder

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, two teens are charged with murder in the death of an Arizona State University professor who was reported missing in March.

Junseok Chae Suspect Killer

Breaking the case, according to the Sheriff’s office, both met 18-year-old Javian Ezell and Gabrielle Austin after the police in Louisiana Shreveport responded to a questionable vehicle call. A third person with suspects has not been identified.

“The officers determined that the tool belonged to Professor Chae and received statements that made individuals believe that Chae might have been the victim of a murder.”
Shreveport police contacted the sheriff’s office on 30 March.
Upon further investigation, lawmakers stated that Chae was killed at an intersection in the north of Phoenix, and the police found “a few pieces of evidence” while investigating the area.

The professor’s body was placed in a trash that was taken to the Northwest Regio.

Backed by Arizona National Guard, Waste Management and heavy equipment provided by a local construction company, the sheriff’s office searched for landfill from May 11 to July 17, when human remains identified later as Chae were placed with relevant evidence. I said.
According to the statement, Ezell and Austin were recently returned to Arizona and arrested on July 15 and accused of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and theft of transport.
According to the statement, each of the suspects holds a $ 1 million bond. CNN is trying to spot the lawyers of the two suspects. According to the prison records, Ezell and Austin will line up on September 3.
According to the State of Arizona, where she started teaching in 2005, Chae received a bachelor’s degree from Korea University in Seoul before earning a master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Ann Arbor, Michigan University.

More about Junseok Chae and Investigation

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office began investigating after Chae disappeared on March 25, and was reset to Northwest Regional Storage until March 29.

Junseok Chae was ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Engineering Schools Research Assistant. He has been at the university since 2005 and has been loved by his students. He was also a successful researcher with four US patents and dozens of published articles.

Shreveport contacted Louisiana police officers, 18-year-old Javian Ezell, 18-year-old Gabrielle Austin, and a third party with the MCSO detectives on March 30 about a suspicious vehicle.
Officers say the car belongs to Chae, and three of them provide statements that led officers to believe that Chae was a victim of murder.

During the investigation, the officers learned that Chae was killed near 7th Street and Carefree Highway and was placed in a garbage bin by the suspects.

67 days after searching for landfills, human remains were found along with other crime evidence.
Ezell and Austen were later returned to Arizona and are now in MCSO prison, each with a $ 1,000,000 bond. The bilateral faced first degree murder, armed robbery and theft of transportation charges.

“I continue to be influenced by the intensive work of our deputies. His perseverance in a highly complex and demanding case will now allow the victim’s family to end in a difficult period. “Research to save a body from a regular storage area is rarely successful.”