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Miami-Dade police arrested Fucheck on Tuesday afternoon. After all, Fucheck faces up to 30 years in prison because he is also accused of possessing firearms by a convicted criminal.
The arrest takes place with the gradual strain of racial relations in the US after the death of a black man, George Floyd, who died after a white Minneapolis police officer knocked the knee in Floyd’s throat for more than eight minutes. Throughout the country, Confederation sculptures rolled, the names of racist historical figures were removed from the buildings, and the entertainment apologized for insensitive performances.

Joseph Fucheck Age

Joseph Fucheck is 58 years old man

Joseph Fucheck Conflicts

Within moments, Joseph Fucheck, 58, did not believe Wynn lived at home, and there was a conflict. “You’re just a goddamn neighbor!” According to the Miami-Dade police, Fucheck shouted.
Wynn Black. The man, Joseph Max Fucheck, is white.
Dwayne Wynn was chatting at a neighboring house about a crocodile seen in a nearby lake. Then Wynn noticed something else: The red Jeep Cherokee was driven by a man pulling their way, delivering flyers to their mailboxes.
The detectives say that when Joseph Fucheck pointed a gun at Wynn, when he called it “f ** got” and n-word, they climbed in Little River neighborhood of North Central Miami-Dade. “You don’t wonder why people like you were shot, because you’re acting stupid,” Fucheck shouted, according to an arrest warrant earlier this month.

Joseph Fucheck Video

Joseph Fucheck escaped angrily. However, the gun points and – along with the video of the cell recorded by Wynn – prompted the Miami-Dade detectives on Tuesday to arrest Fucheck on charges of aggravated assault-fired assault. Criminal crime is being developed under Florida’s “hate crime” law, which stiffenes punishments and punishes them for 15 years in prison.
Clashes with the protesters also took on a racial dynamic – President Donald Trump retweeted a Florida fan video this week called “white power.” The supporter is a former Miami-Dade firefighter.
Miami-Dade officials have been using racist mud in the past few years, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mark Bartlett, who pulled guns to youth protesting on his day, charged a number of hate crimes suspected. In another case, all four young men are being charged with alleged anti-gay friction in a couple in South Beach during the annual gay-pride parade.
“This incident was much more than the disgusting behavior of a furious angry man who armed himself and didn’t know and had no reason to be afraid,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said on Tuesday. “With this arrest, today we claim that the incident is hate and intimidation, pure and simple.”

Joseph Fucheck Incident

The Fucheck incident took place on June 14 at Wynn’s home in the Little River neighborhood.
According to the arrest warrant, Wynn chatted to his neighbor when he saw Fucheck’s withdrawal, then put a small advertising card in the mailbox. The small card advertised a service to quickly buy a house. Call Joe Now! studied high-speed train.
After the jeep left, Wynn walked to the mailbox and took out the card. But Jeep came back a few seconds later and Fucheck jumped and said, “swearing laces started a rent, sta This is not your property moment! I saw you! “According to the search warrant.
Varant said that Fucheck flocked to Wynn, demanded the card return and pulled out his gun. After the man lowered the gun, Wynn began recording his tirade on his phone.
“Damn, I’m carrying a goddamn gun. I’m 35 years old Navy Seal, head of the SWAT team in Hillsborough County, ”Fucheck shouted. (Law enforcement officials say there is no evidence that their allegations are true.)
The video showed that Wynn remained calm, not approaching or raising her voice throughout the match.
The police held it, despite continuing to “threateningly” hold Fucheck’s weapon. When he started to move away, the video showed, Fucheck called Wynn “punk” and growled: “That’s a little damn ….” he didn’t finish. but Wynn replied: “So we are shot? So is it race? ”
According to the arrest warrant by Miami-Dade prosecutor Khalil Quinan, Fucheck shouted the word n ​​before driving. The investigation led detectives from Miami-Dade’s Northside District detectives.
According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the detectives searched his apartment late Tuesday in the 5600 block of Northeast Fourth Avenue, and found five BB rifles – one in scope – and a BB gun in his car. Weapons looked real.
State records show that Fucheck has criminal convictions such as great theft, exploitation of the elderly and the prevention of justice.
He is also accused of stalking, and twice his ex-wife is ordered to stay away from her new husband. According to a petition for domestic violence, Fucheck’s “psychotic behavior and repeated aggression”

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