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John Thomas Conway Wiki – John Thomas Conway Biography

John Thomas Conway of Honcut, 40 who allegedly killed Ari Gershman was wanted on two felony warrants at the time of Friday’s shooting,
According to a prosecutor, the man who shot and killed the Danville doctor who went astray with his young son on the weekend of July 4, is getting rid of a gunshot wound in a Chico hospital.

John Thomas Conway, 40, from Honcut, a rural community on the southern edge of Butte County, has a number of criminal convictions. When fired on Friday, he was asked on the orders of two criminals allegedly killed 45-year-old Ari Gershman, who took his son to a popular off-road track near Poker Flat in Sierra County. Lawmakers detained him on Saturday.

Search operation for John Thomas Conway

Butte County sheriff’s lawmakers ordered a search and found ammo at Conway’s home on Saturday after his arrest, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey says. He said that an accusation was initiated for an offender with ammunition in his district and that he was held in his elite Butte County warrants. ‘Conway is healing from a bullet wound,’ Ramsey said, but it is unclear whether he was shot by the police on Saturday during his arrest or elsewhere.
A family member suspects Conway hitting and wounding two people in the area near Downieville on Friday afternoon and does not come across Gershman and his son. The father died on the spot, and the teenager fled, and after establishing a cell connection, Tahoe National Forest lost the forest before spending 30 hours alone with the police and mother.

John Thomas Conway Shooting Victim boy was rescued

The boy was finally rescued and reunited with his mother, and soon after the police tried to cross a checkpoint on the ATV, they said they had taken Conway. The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office said Conway posed an uncertain threat, and at least one officer fired a gun and a police dog was released.
Conway flew to a gun-wounded Chico hospital, Ramsey said, and is expected to survive.
Last year, Conway made the Butte County Sheriff’s Office’s most wanted fugitives list after jumping on bail on a battery, vandalism and terrorist threat case.

John Thomas Conway Past crime history

Ramsey drove his truck through a fence gate in March 2019 and fought with family members. He was said to have access to guns at the time, but was not convicted of any gun offense.
“None of his crimes previously contained weapons,” said Ramsey.
During this trial, his lawyers questioned his mental health.
“They felt it was a little far,” said Ramsey.
A psychologist found that he had some mental health problems, but he still had jurisdiction.