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John Rabago

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John Rabago is a Former HPD officer who forced a homeless man to lick public Urinal. Officer John Rabago is sentenced to four years in federal prison for civil rights violations

John Rabago Incident Detail

On January 28, 2018, Rabago responded to a disturbing complaint in a public bathroom, where he found homeless Samuel Ingall. Finally, Reginald Ramones, another officer, responded to the scene.

Reago was found guilty of being deprived of conspiracy and rights in December, according to the defense agreement.
While Ramones stood in front of the bathroom door, Rabago aggressively and repeatedly told Ingall that he could escape arrest only when he licked the urinal in the bathroom. After threatening Ingall, Rabago told Ramones to close his door.

Rabago once again instructed Ingall to lick his asshole reluctantly. Rabago later let the man go and laughed about the incident.

Who is John Rabago Why he is sentenced to jail

Rabago, 44, and another officer had responded to a nuisance complaint in 2018 when they found the homeless man in a stall in a public restroom.

Rabago threatened to beat the man and stuff his face in a toilet if he didn’t lick the urinal, Kobayashi said. He then grabbed the man’s shoulder, held him down and stepped on his legs to keep him on his knees until he licked the urinal, the judge said.

Rabago later told the other officer to delete text messages about the incident, Kobayashi said.
Ramones was convicted in September, admitting that he had violated the victim’s rights when his colleague did not report it.

HPD did not immediately respond to the request for comment.
Ingall opened a civil rights suit against civil servants and the city earlier this year. He accused the accused of negligence, causing emotional distress, false jail, illegal seizure, assault and battery, among other crimes.

The whole story and investigation

Federal prosecutors say John Rabago is one of the officers who entered the toilet on Sheridan Street in January 2018 and encountered a homeless man named Sam Ingall. Court documents revealed there that Rabago forced Ingall to lick a public urinal.

Another officer who was with John Rabago

Reginald Ramones, the other officer of the case, was found guilty of conspiring with Rabago after agreeing to testify against the other officer. Ramones admitted in court that Rabago persuaded him not to tell the federal authorities about the incident.

Rabago was found guilty of establishing a conspiracy to deprive a person of their civil rights and acting according to the colors of law to deprive the same person of their civil rights.

John Rabago will serve for year in jail

John Rabago will serve 36 months for the first issue and 12 months for the second issue. Both work consecutively.
US Attorney Kenji Price described Rabago’s actions as “out of step” with the work of Honolulu officers.
“Such prosecutions show that the uniform and a badge will not be isolated from the long arm of the law, those who violate the civil rights of others,” he said.

Rabago resigned from the Honolulu Police Department before imprisonment on Wednesday.

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