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Joel Streicher

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Former Milwaukee a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy has resigned after he was charged in a fatal crash last January.

Joel Streicher Age

Joel Streicher is 50-Years-Old

Joel Streicher Incident Detail

In the January 25 crash at the intersection of 10 and W. State streets, 47-year-old Ceasar Stinson, a lobbyist and community activist for the Milwaukee Public Schools, died.

Prosecutors charged Joel Streicher, 50, of murder on Monday, by negligently operating a vehicle. Its first release date has not yet been set.

What Joel Streicher told to police?

Streicher told the police that he remembered looking at the crew car’s computer screen while heading north on 10th Street, but did not recall seeing the stop light on State Street, which, according to a criminal report, was red for 11 seconds before the accident.

In January, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was the first to take Streicher’s name and report being investigated for distracted driving.

Joel Streicher complaint:

Streicher told the police that he was heading north to take the West Highland Avenue highway entrance on the 10th and looked at the computer screen for any new missions.

To continue straight through the intersection, cars must be in the middle lane. Safety footage showed that Streicher was running straight in the lane turning to the right only.

According to the airbag data, it was moving steadily at 29 or 30 mph until the moment of impact and did not brake at all. According to the security images, the red stop lights were fully illuminated for 11 seconds. Streicher should have been 150 meters from the light when it turned red.

Stinson was driving east under the green light on State Street when he hit Streicher’s tool car truck. He turned, then moved to the driver’s side, and Stinson partially jumped out of his seat. His head was stuck between the road and the driver’s side door.

Joel Streicher’ Crashed Victim

A female passenger was fixed sideways in a seat held by her seat belt.
An autopsy later determined that Stinson suffered multiple complex skull fractures and died from blunt force trauma from the accident.

Streicher was also driving in the wrong lane, two blocks after the January crash, in a previous accident, according to officers who responded to the scene. In 2018, on the North 11th Street and West Highland ramp, Streicher was only on the left-turn lane and continued straight through the intersection, crashing into a car going straight in the middle lane.

Streicher has previously tried to block the release of his previous disciplinary record. The case is still open.

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