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Joe Tormes Wiki – Joe Tormes Biography

Joe Tormes American Airlines honored a flight attendant for the carrier who passed away suddenly on a recent flight.

What happened:

  • Joe Tormes, a flight attendant based in St. Louis, died on July 5 while working with his wife on a flight, according to Fox News.
  • The flight attendant worked for American Airlines for 20 years.
  • American Airlines said: “We know that many of you worked with Joe and know you will miss him deeply. Those who also work with Jett, as well as our entire flight attendant family, will want to be sure and keep her and their son, Brandon Jett, in your thoughts during this difficult time. We are working directly with the family to support their needs. Our hearts go out to all who knew and worked with Joe.”
  • Tormes’ cause of death was not released.

Joe Tormes Passes away

An experienced American Airlines flight attendant died suddenly on Sunday while working with his wife on a flight.
The airline announced that 61-year-old Joseph ‘Joe’ Tormes passed by a letter to his employees on Monday.
“We know that most of you are working with Joe and you will miss him deeply,” he said on Thursday with DailyMai.com.

Joe Tormes Cause of Death

Tormes, located in St Louis, Missouri, was working on a flight with his wife Elsa Jett-Tormes when he had a medical emergency.
A source told DailyMail.com that Tormes died of a heart attack. A dying friend wrote in a recent Facebook comment that someone on the plane spent 25 minutes doing CPR.
The airline spokesperson said that the flight of Tormes died in Indianapolis, and at 8.05 in the morning. He said he landed at Louis Lambert International Airport. He later released it to Dallas / Fort Worth just before 2pm with a new team.
Tormes had worked for American Airlines for 20 years. According to the obituary, he served at the US Coast Guard Command before joining the carrier and earned a university degree in gardening.

Joe Tormes Wife and Family

Tormes survived by his wife Elsa, stepson Brandon and grandson. The couple would celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary next week.
The obituary was a constant source of strength because they loved the thoughtful, loving, affectionate and humble nature of ‘Joe.’ ‘He will be very missed by all who know and love him.’

Fast Facts You Must Need to Know about Joe Tormes

  • Joe Tormes was working on American Airlines flight with his wife when he died from heart attack, according to a source
  • Flight from Indianapolis landed in St Louis early Sunday, then took off for Dallas in the afternoon with a new crew  
  • Tormes had been with the carrier for 20 years; prior to joining American Airlines, he served in US Coast Guard