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Jessica Beatriz Cortez Wiki – Jessica Beatriz Cortez Biography

The coronavirus took a young Hispanic woman who had migrated less than three years ago to the United States in less than a week.
Jessica Beatriz Cortéz, 32, became the first immigrant from El Salvador to die from COVID-19 in Southern California and her family is not recovering from her sudden death.

Jessica Beatriz Cortéz Early symptoms

Cortéz showed up for work on Monday, March 23, but soon after, symptoms such as body pain and chills appeared. Her clinical picture surprised her relatives, since she worked until last week without any problem.
“He started complaining about a pain in his body, which made him feel heavy, tired. He suddenly had chills,” said César Cortéz, the victim’s brother, in an interview with Telemundo 52, who cannot believe that the coronavirus has blinded his life. your sister in just days.
“It was in less than a week … I received a call that was very serious and that they did not believe that (the coronavirus) would deliver her. I stopped what I was doing and went to the hospital and when I arrived, she had already passed away,” he regretted.

Jessica Beatriz Cortéz Death with coronavirus

The young woman entered the hospital on Friday, March 28 and died the following day, her family does not know if she had any pre-existing disease. He leaves a nine-year-old daughter, from whom he had no opportunity to say goodbye.
“The hard part is that, in truth, he died alone,” said his brother. “We will not have access or see the cremation.”
The young mother becomes the seventh Salvadoran to die abroad due to the pandemic, according to a report by the El Salvador Foreign Ministry. Her family is currently in quarantine.
Cortéz, who lived in Huntington Beach, had migrated less than three years ago from El Salvador, where his parents still reside.
The Salvadoran consulate network in the United States has been closed for three weeks as a preventive measure. However, the Cortez family noted that the Consulate General of El Salvador in Los Angeles contacted them to help them with the funeral process.