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Jennifer Kristiansen Wiki – Jennifer Kristiansen Biography

Jennifer Kristiansen, a 37-year-old Portland mother and lawyer, was arrested while protesting with a group of women, “The Wall of the Mothers,” who participated in protests outside the federal courthouse in Oregon.

He told Kristiansen Heavy that she was away from a group of mothers by federal officials who did not have any engagement or identity information about their black and camouflage uniforms. Kristiansen told Heavy that she was persecuted and attacked by the officer who arrested her. she later learned that she was part of the US Marshals Service.

Kristiansen, the mother of a 12-year-old and 14-year-old child, first held a protest at Mark O Hatfield Courthouse, where she was arrested on Monday (July 21st). For more than 50 years, Kristiansen decided to join the dozens of mothers wearing yellow t-shirts, who supported Black Lives Matter, who were calling the court to end police reform and police violence. According to CNN, mothers were encouraged to protect the protesters after increasing the violence against the protesters after being sent to the city by President Donald Trump officers from the Homeland Security Department.

Jennifer Kristiansen Age

Jennifer Kristiansen is 37-year-old

Jennifer Kristiansen Education and What is her Job?

Kristiansen worked until recently in a family law firm in Oregon who left to look for a new job. he graduated from Western Oregon University in 2004 and from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a journalism degree, and in 2015 earned his law degree from Lewis & Clark College.

What Federal court records say about Jennifer Kristiansen?

According to federal court records, Kristiansen, wearing a pink helmet and a rainbow tutu, insisted that her husband was wearing it with a respirator mask to protect him from tear gas and tear gas spray, he was accused of attack and failure of a federal officer. to comply with an appropriate order. He argued that he was not guilty of these charges and told Heavy that she had not attacked a federal officer at any point during the protest. “I am disappointed and angry,” said Kristiansen helmet.

Kristiansen was detained after midnight, federal agents left the courthouse and began using tear gas, flash blast, baton and pulse ammunition to disperse the crowd gathered there to demonstrate the live streams of protests. Court documents filed by prosecutors provide little information about the charges against him.

Why Jennifer Kristiansen arrested ?

The misdemeanor information accuses Kristiansen of “force attack” to “Agent Kurban 1”, a federal officer performing his official duties on July 21. He also accuses him of deliberately entering federal properties and not complying with the legal direction of federal police officers.

There is no record that other members of the “Mother’s Wall” group were arrested by federal officials in protests near the courthouse for three nights. Kristiansen said he was not sure whether any of the other members of the group had been detained.

According to court records, Kristiansen was one of four protesters arrested on July 20 and charged by the Oregon U.S. Attorney General. The other four protesters were men. At the age of 22 and at the age of 23, he was accused of not complying with a legal decision, a 44-year-old boy who was part of the PDXDadPod was charged with federal property and the 18-year-old with irregular behavior. According to the records, he was accused of failing to comply with old law orders and behaving erratically on federal property. All of them were released from detention.

The US District of Oregon Law Firm, the US Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US Marshal Service did not immediately respond to Heavy’s requests for comment.

What videos claims for Jennifer Kristiansen posted by a free Portland journalist Sergio Olmos

A video of free Portland journalist Sergio Olmos, which you can watch above, captured the moment when Jennifer Kristiansen was taken from other mothers and taken to the courthouse by federal agents. Kristiansen told Heavy that he was in line with other mothers before the protest “when things started to be spicy”.

He said federal fires fired from the “murder hole” (a protester made a statement to the holes that the federal officers on the wooden plates in the courthouse fired from the protesters) and said “throw gas, flash bursts”. Kristiansen said that the two women on her right were being robbed because they were only wearing cloth masks, not just a mask. It was at the end of the line at the time.

“We were pushed back, we walk backwards,” said Kristiansen, but there was a big crowd behind them. “We’re tied arm in arm, so we’re slow, but we’re going,” Heavy said. He later said he was pushed by a police officer about 6ton2 tall (he said he was about 5 feet tall). She then heard the woman hitting her left scream in the officer’s chest.

Kristiansen later said that she used her free arm to put herself between the stick and the officer. She said that if she shakes again, she wants the other woman to have the arm to be hit, not the chest. At that time, he said that another federal officer came from nowhere. Both officers only had tags that say “police DHS”, no name tags or anything else identifying themselves or their agencies. “I’m a lawyer and I don’t even know what that means,” said Kristiansen.

Why Jennifer Kristiansen Joined this kind of special protest? She explained

Kristiansen said she had protested before, but when the women she knew joined the “Mothers Wall,” she decided to participate in these special protests. Kristiansen said he knew his mother from other activism and habitats, including local Multnomah County Democrats. Kristiansen said he did not expect to be arrested and well. She told her husband that he would be home at 1 in the morning.

she said that he was not allowed in the courthouse because of her arrest. But if that is not the case, Kristiansen said that after her body heals she will return to protests because it is “very important not to do it.”

“I don’t think of protests and chants, jeers and signs, and even mothers will change the minds of the teeth, the president, or Chad Wolf, but that’s not the point. The issue is changing the public’s mind. He said that once a popular idea is taken, public officials will be pressured to make changes. He said he hopes federal representatives will demand accountability for federal officials in the courthouse.

Kristiansen said that she was watching her husband and brother-in-law arrest in a live stream, saying that no one would want to: