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Jeff Kurtzman was a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant who participated in a training session linked to a COVID-19 cluster has died, aged 60.

Jeff Kurtzman Age

Jeff Kurtzman was 60-year-old

Facts You Must Need to Know about Jeff Kurtzman

  • Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant, Jeff Kurtzman, died Tuesday from COVID-19  
  • Kurtzman, a senior flight attendant, tested positive for virus earlier this month 
  • Officials said it’s unclear at this time if he had underlying health conditions – Bio
  • Flight attendants previously said Kurtzman participated in a training session in June which has since been linked to a cluster of coronavirus infections
  • At least 24 people, including 16 staff members, were diagnosed with disease – Wikipedia

Jeff Kurtzman Cause of death Covid-19

The reported Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant died in a training session affiliated with the COVID-19 cluster.
Jeff Kurtzman, 60, an airline’s senior flight attendant, died on Tuesday. Kurtzman tested positive for the virus earlier this month.

Kurtzman joined the company in 1986 and lived in Los Angeles, according to Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines CEO, who posted an email describing Kurtzman’s death to company employees.

Ingram, which was seen by Hawaii News Now, wrote that Kurtzman was well known by his In-Flight colleagues with his passion for discovering new places, people and cultures, and was amazed by his great sense of humor and mastery. easy talk ‘.

“He embody the values ​​of aloha and malama that we kept,” Ingram said in the email.
Ingram said that the airline also reached Kurtzman’s husband to offer support and condolence.
It is not clear whether Kurtzman has underlying health problems.

According to Hawaii News Now, Kurtzman attended a training session in Honolulu in June, which enabled at least 24 people, including 16 staff, to become infected with coronavirus.

A flight attendant told the news agency that several flight attendants attended classes while feeling ill.
‘Initially, classes began as they were able to sit in the classroom environment at intervals of six to nine meters. However, it turned out that there was not enough conscious effort to sterilize all the work areas throughout the day. ”

Workers, ‘During the day, many areas became’ shared ‘areas that gave’ bad ‘results.
At that time, masks in classes were not necessary, but since the cluster broke out, Hawaiian Airlines has made it necessary to wear a mask. The capacity of the sessions was also reduced.

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