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Jane Samuels Wiki – Biography

Jane Samuels is the ex-wife of Peter Green. He was a British blues-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. As the founding partner of Fleetwood Mac, he entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Green’s “Albatross”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Oh Well”, “The Green Manalishi (The Two Prong Crown)” and “Man of the World” have been featured on single charts and many have been adapted by various musicians.

Green was an important figure in the “second great age” of the British blues movement. B. B. King said, “It has the sweetest tone I’ve ever heard; He was the only one who gave me cold sweat. Eric Clapton praised playing the guitar; wire bending, vibrato and

Rolling Stone was ranked 58th on the “Top 100 Guitarists of All Time” list. His tone of instrumental “Super Natural” was rated by the Guitar Player as one of the 50’s of all time. In June 1996, Green was named the third best guitarist of all time in Mojo magazine.

When he made his first big break in 1966, he almost never got out of his youth replacing Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – initially for just a week after Clapton suddenly started a Greek holiday. Clapton soon quit, and Green entered.

In Bluesbreakers, he reunited with an ex-colleague, Fleetwood, in Peter B’s Looners. Mayall soon added bass player John McVie. Three people left the following year, and the core of the band was initially billed as “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (guitarist) Jeremy Spencer”.

Fleetwood Mac opened a recording contract for the first time in the British Blues and Jazz festival in the summer of 1967, and then its first album in February 1968. The album, which includes “Long Gray Mare” and Green’s three other songs, remained on the English charts for 13 months.

The group’s debut albums, Green’s flowing, arousing guitar “Oh Well” and the Latin-flavored “Black Magic Woman” marked heavy blues-rock works later became a hit for Carlos Santana.

Jane Samuels Age

The age of Jane Samuels is unknown. However, her ex-husband Peter Green was 73 years old. He was born on October 29, 1946 to Bethnal Green, London, England. He died on July 25, 2020.

Ex-husband peter green

Green married Jane Samuels in January 1978; the couple divorced in 1979.


The couple has a daughter, Rosebud (born 1978).

Peter Green’s Cause of Death

He died at the age of 73 on July 25, 2020, according to a family statement published on Saturday, the British singer-guitarist died in his sleep.

“The Peter Green family is saddened to announce death this weekend in his sleep peacefully,” he says.

The Whitesnake musician wrote to Instagram: I cannot fully express my feelings this afternoon after Peter finds out about Peter’s death.

Just think of the times we spent together for the last few years, it was very special to hang out with her at home.

Cher is a memory I will love. It made me laugh, cried, wondered, and did not cause me to pinch myself when I was alone.

Ydım I was there, I sat down with my hero. As a musician, I can only be one of the millions he touched, his ability to play guitar, vocals and harmonica would be more than most people would want, and then original, lively, atmospheric, clearly psychedelic and very fun to listen to and testify.

The first days of Fle Fleetwood Mac will remain in my mind forever. Much more words will be written and said about Peter, but I will miss him very simply.

Photograph This photo was taken at his home in February on the day of the London Palladium show.

Eydi She was in a cheeky mood and when I asked if she wanted to be in London, she shrugged a little, gave me a smile and said, “No, I’m having a cup of tea with you. He made great tea. Of course. RIP PG ‘.

Novelist Linda Grant paid tribute to Green on Twitter: “I’m so sorry to have learned about Peter Green’s death at just 73 years old. He had many spirits. I liked it’.

He described Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Green as “one of the biggest”. He tweeted: Peter is sad to hear that Peter Green is one of the elders. REST IN PEACE.’

Net Value

According to Rock Star’s net worth, Peter Green’s net worth was $ 15 million ($ 11.7 million) in 2017.