active shooter today: At least 1 injured in shooting at Jackson State University

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At least one person was injured Wednesday when someone opened fire on the Jackson State University campus in Mississippi.


A university spokesman said an individual was shot in the leg near the corner of Dalton and Cleary streets and was not a student, the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

A JSU police officer confirmed to the Advertiser that the suspected shooter was also not enrolled at the school.

The university tweeted it was on lockdown down at 12:39 p.m. and asked students to take shelter immediately.

The university lifted the lockdown about a half-hour later, saying the suspected shooter was no longer a threat, but didn’t provide additional details.

1 injured in shooting at Jackson State University

active shooter

An Active Shooter is a person who is using a firearm or other weapon with the intent to injure or kill others.  Law enforcement will deploy to the location of the active shooter with the primary goal of stopping the shooter.

An active shooter incident can occur under a variety of circumstances, so no one set of guidelines is able to cover specific actions to take in every situation.  An individual must use his/her own discretion during an Active Shooter event as to whether he/she chooses to move to safety (RUN), remain in place (HIDE), or confront the shooter (FIGHT).  The emergency text message notification will provide the last known location of the threat but the shooter might have moved.    In most cases the best action is to barricade (HIDE) in response to an Active Shooter alert.  You should evacuate (RUN) only if you are reasonably sure you know where the shooter is and you have a clear path to an exit.  The following are options for response.  Remember, “Run, Hide, Fight” is not a progression of events – – the items are not numbered.  You take the action you need to survive, and you may go from one action to another.