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Isaiah Jackson is a 20-year-old BLM supporter, who has been arrested by Ohio police officers, in connection with a photo of a man supposedly kneeling on a child’s neck.

Isaiah Jackson Age

Isaiah Jackson is 20 Year old

A Mirror of George Floyd Incident by Isaiah Jackson

George Floyd exploded angrily on May 25, when a video kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes became viral.
Floyd’s death led to a global resurrection in the Black Lives Movement movement, which has seen protests around the world.
But now an image similar to that of Floyd has spread on the Internet and “Blm now mf.

Isaiah Jackson Viral Photo/Images

The criticized photo from the Unapologetic has created even more anger online, and the Washington Times has reported that a 20-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the image since then.

Isaiah Jacksonarrested for knee

The person allegedly responsible for the image was arrested by police officers in Clark County, near Dayton, Ohio.
According to Dayton, 24/7, the arrested man was identified as 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson, and the same output confirmed that Jackson was arrested for a conditional release issued by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

According to a sheriff’s office quoted in WHIO 7 News, Jackson is not yet charged with an image-related crime by Clark County police.

The unidentified child was reported to be hospitalized, but it was confirmed not to be harmed by the incident, according to Dayton 24/7 Now.


Isaiah Jackson, 20, is the man allegedly kneeling in the neck of young children in the photo.
According to Jackson’s Facebook page, he was born in Springfield, Ohio and went to Keifer Alternative Academy in the same city.

According to Dayton, it seems he lives 24/7 in Moorefield Town, Jackson County, Jackson, Ohio.
Jackson’s Facebook page shows that fast food restaurant chain Lee is working on Famous Recipe Chicken.
However, the fast-food chain, which has branches in 13 states across the U.S., has made a statement since Facebook that confirms that Jackson is “not currently a team member in our Ohio locations”.

While Isaiah Jackson is currently being detained by Clark County police officers, an investment is in progress “to provide a determination of the extent and extent of the heavy charges”, according to a statement published in WHIO 7 News.

Isaiah Jackson and Viral Photos investigations by Clark County Ohio

Isaiah Jackson was arrested in Clark County, Ohio after a photo showing a person with the knee on his neck became viral.

The picture, allegedly displaying Jackson, began to circulate on July 21. Another person whose face cannot be seen in the picture pulls the child’s arms down. In the caption “Blm now mf.” He is writing. “BLM” is a typical web acronym for the Black Lives Matter movement. On May 25, a police officer was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after the knee pressed the knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes.

Online data from Clark County Sheriff’s Office shows that Isaiah Jackson was detained on July 21 for a violation of parole. At the time of writing, the latest prices were not put against Jackson.

Jackson stands at 6 feet 2 and weighs 175 pounds. The information shows that in January 2019, Jackson faced housewife and domestic violence prices. In October 2018, Jackson faced heavy assault, housewife, intrusion, and domestic violence prices.

One model of the picture that appeared in Fb included the subtitle: “Consider whether this is the opposite. The fact that there are several people who do this to this little boy shows that this cannot be defined simply as “mentally ill”. It looks just like nursing home movies. He celebrated his second birthday on June 21, according to the boy’s mother’s Fb website.

“We are looking at this case, yet a live investigation,” said master Clark Clark of Clark County Sheriff’s Office. We are actively trying at this level and we begin this investigation VERY early. The claim added that the boy’s mother did not know about the painting and was not up to date when it was taken. The child was not injured because of the picture.
“That little boy didn’t deserve any of that,” said the boy’s grandmother, Chasity Sowers, in an interview with WHIO. Sowers said Jackson’s son was an ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. “I hope they all get what they deserve.”

What Isaiah Jackson Profile Photo Show

Jackson’s Facebook profile photo shows having two young children. In the About section, Jackson wrote: “Cats, money, weight, everything you can expect.” Jackson said that he worked at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken restaurant, went to Keifer Alternative Academy and was in Springfield, Ohio. Jackson lists himself in his profile.

CBS Atlanta reported that DeKalb County Schools commented on a version of the viral photo by a district teacher. Numerous screenshots on Twitter are posted by Brian Papin’s “Again! You are doing wrong! A knee-length knee in the middle of the back and lean on him until he dies! You saw the video! Do it right or walk around. ”
According to his Facebook profile, Papin is a private education teacher at Cedar Grove High School and lives in Atlanta.