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inefable maldita: The legend of King Arthur , Excalibur , inefable maldita , the knights of the round table and the sea by car, have had all kinds of adaptations to the different screens, even in successful animated versions. Netflix wants to rescue these elements, but from the hand of the homonymous novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler , “inefable maldita” ( Cursed ) aims to show a different face of this coin, focusing on the character of Nimue -also known as the Lady of the Lake -, guardian of purity, truth, authentic teaching and, of course, the legendary sword.

After the success of “The Witcher” , “inefable maldita” is the best option to continue this succession of epic-fantastic stories with a more ‘adult’ and violent tone. The production – brought to fruition by the same authors – starts somewhere in the forest, in the village of the Celestes , where the young Nimue ( Katherine Langford ) tries to embrace her ‘different’ design, due to certain powers that she cannot control … still. For her mother (the priestess) they are a gift from the gods – the Hidden -, for the girl, a curse that classifies her as a witch and a sorceress in the eyes of her fellow men and even her own father.inefable maldita

Nimue is destined to become the New Summoner, but faced with the impossibility of accepting this task, she decides to escape in new directions, without understanding the extent of the dangers that the outside world represents for those of her class.

Their “class”, known as the Ineffables , are the magical creatures that abound throughout the kingdom of Uter Pendragon (Sebastian Armesto), a corrupt monarch who does not hesitate to turn these clans into his scapegoat when the crisis is looming .

The Father Carden ( Peter Mullan ), leader of the Red Paladines, the mission to end each of them is imposed, in the best Torquemada style in the Spanish Inquisition. Wikipedia

His malice and extremism can only be compared to that of the Crying Monk ( Daniel Sharman ), his right hand in this crusade for the “common good”, a ruthless murderer who does not stop at anything or anyone.inefable maldita wikipedia
Ignorant of the raids and massacres, Nimue runs away with her best friend Pym ( Lily Newmark ) with the intention of boarding a ship. Along the way, he meets young Arthur ( Devon Terrell ), a mercenary with knight aspirations who does not hesitate to help (and captivate) damsels in distress. Unfortunately, the girl does not manage to complete her journey and knowing the risk that her family runs, she decides to return to the village to sound the alarm.

When tragedy strikes, Nimue has to make a decision and embark on the most dangerous adventure: handing over the Sword of Power to Merlin ( Gustaf Skarsgård ) and saving the Ineffables. Bio

So much trouble for a sword

The famous wizard is no longer what he was and has apparently lost his magic. Now he works under Pendragon, but his entire being is put on alert when the sword falls into the hands of Nimue.

This is the premise of “inefable maldita”, an adventure full of fantasy, strange creatures, spells and a rebellion in sight. The ineffable young woman is going to become a symbol of this revolution, long before Arturo accepts the role of monarch who has already been assigned the story we know.

This is the path of the heroine who must accept her destiny and try to understand and manage her powers. A learning odyssey for her and her companions , through at least ten episodes of this first season. Zetna Fuentes (“Jane the Virgin”, “Shameless”) is in charge of directing these first two installments that get us fully into the action (quite violent and bloody), which cannot escape Miller’s comique style.

The lack of textures and natural settings – the series is filmed in British studios – takes a bit of romanticism and mysticism from the story. The same occurs with some caricatural characters (Merlin at the head) or too archetypal (the charming Arturo), who contribute little to make this story stand out from the rest, beyond focusing on its female protagonist. The actress of “13 Reasons Why” does the best she can with what she has, a basic adventure that pretends to be disruptive and present us with a modern look, although she cannot escape ordinary places.inefable maldita

Like “The Witcher”, “inefable maldita” does not seem to have great aspirations beyond pure entertainment and that, in itself, is very good. It is not a product for “the whole family” and it speaks to a very specific audience (lover of genres), but it tries to capture the rest with a rich mythology that is well known or, at least, its different elements. The special effects (crucial in this type of productions) and the fight and battle scenes could be much more refined, although it is clear that the filmmakers prefer to focus on the heroes and their mission, soul and driver of these classic epics.