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Ibrahim Bouaichi best known as Ibrahim E. Bouaichi is charged with the murder of Karla Dominguez, and was arrested last year after Dominguez accused him of sexually assaulting her in Alexandria.

Ibrahim Bouaichi Incident summary

The incident at Karla Domínguez’s apartment last October was violent and was not consensual, he testified in the Alexandria District Court in December. The man he charged was indicted on charges including rape, strangulation, and kidnapping and jailed without bail in Alexandria.

What is the actual story of Ibrahim Bouaichi Wiki bio

Then the coronavirus epidemic was hit. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi’s lawyers argued that the virus was a danger to both prisoners and their lawyers and that Bouaichi should be released pending trial.

On April 9, upon appeals by the Alexandria prosecutor, Environment Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi in exchange for $ 25,000 in bonds, on condition that he left his home in Maryland only to meet with his lawyers or pre-trial service officials.

Alexandria police said that on July 29, 33-year-old Bouaichi returned to Alexandria and shot Dominguez in front of the city’s West End apartment.

Ibrahim Bouaichi vdeo and newsletter released

When the police were unable to find Bouaichi after the murder, they released a video newsletter, declaring him “armed and dangerous,” asking the public to help find him. Then on Wednesday morning, federal police and Alexandria police spotted Bouaichi in Prince George County and followed him, causing Bouaichi to collapse. When the police went to arrest Bouaichi, they found that he apparently shot himself. He was reported to be in serious condition on Thursday.

Bouaichi’s release from prison and the murder of Dominguez represent a tragic side effect of the epidemic. As the coronavirus erupted in America, civil liberty advocates called for the release of large numbers of prisoners from prisons and prisons to prevent them from becoming infected and possibly forced to die in confined spaces.


In Alexandria, Bouaichi’s lawyers said in the bonding movement, “social distancing and appropriate disinfecting measures are impossible while imprisoned … Simply put, the risk of getting Covid-19 in prison is extremely clear.” Lawyers Manuel Leiva and Frank Salvato also drew attention to the risk for themselves in prison, saying that lawyers seeking contact visits “will also expose themselves to polluted air and surfaces”.

Leiva and Salvato also claimed that the Alexandria prison “has imposed severe restrictions on the visit since the Covid-19 outbreak”, that all contact visits (meaning there is no glass or separation between visitor and prisoner) were stopped, and lawyers could only videoconfer. sessions lasting a maximum of 30 minutes. A trial date has been set for Bouaichi, and his lawyers said he was “effectively denied legal advice.”

Alexandria prison officials said they allow contact visits for lawyers upon request and meet several requests. “We also provided over 30 minutes of videoconferencing,” said prison spokesman Amy Bertsch. “However, after the protocols came into force at the end of March, we have no record that Mr. Leiva or his lawyer requested to meet with Ibrahim Bouaichi face to face.”

Bertsch said the prison was implementing increased sanitation and health screening in early March, “and there were no cases of covid-19 in prison when his client was incarcerated.”

Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney, Bryan L. Porter, said that Leiva and Salvato submitted their motion on April 8, and Clark set the hearing for the next day, so prosecutors did not give a written response. Porter stated that under Virginia law, those accused of certain violent crimes, such as rape, are considered a danger and are not eligible for bail.

We have strongly argued that “the conjecture against the bond was not overcome, given the facts of the case and the violent nature of the alleged crime”, Porter said. He refused to provide details of the attack as both the rape and murder cases against Bouaichi were ongoing.

Judge Dawkins retired in June, after serving as an environmental court judge for 12 years and serving in the child and family relations court 14 years before that. He did not respond to the request for comment. Judges are generally prohibited from commenting on pending cases.

There is little information about Dominguez who says the police are a native of Venezuela and have no family in this country. After he was killed, a GoFundMe account was opened to help pay for his funeral, but the organizer did not respond to messages asking for comments.

Dominguez lived in Town Square at the Mark Center Apartments, on South Greenmount Drive. Police in Alexandria said they had received a report of gunfire on July 29 and found Dominguez outside her apartment at 6:20 am, dead from multiple injuries to the upper body.

Police issued a murder warrant for Bouaichi two days later, but could not find him until Wednesday.