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Herman Cain Wiki – Biography

Herman Cain was an American business executive, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party, activist dies from COVID-19 at aged 74

Herman Cain Full Name Herman J Cain was an American business executive, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist. Cain grew up in Georgia and graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Wikipedia
Born: December 13, 1945, Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Died: July 30, 2020
Spouse: Gloria Etchison (m. 1968)
Children: 2
Education: Purdue University (1971), Morehouse College, Morris Brown College, Purdue University

Herman Cain Cause Of Death

Herman Cain, a former presidential candidate, and business manager, who was hospitalized this month with coronavirus, died. He was 74 years old.

His death was announced on the website and on social media accounts. He said he was hospitalized in the Atlanta area earlier this month.

Who was Herman Cain and what was his Buisness?

Mr. Cain, former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, tested positive for the virus on June 29, and went to the hospital two days later.

Dan Calabrese, the editor of Mr. Cain’s website, explains his death, “We knew it would be a difficult fight when he was hospitalized for the first time with Cavid-19,” he said. “He had difficulty breathing and was hospitalized by ambulance.”

“Despite being basically quite healthy in recent years, it was still in a high-risk group due to a history of cancer,” said Calabrese. When Mr. Cain was hospitalized, Calabrese said that President Trump had been “traveling a lot” recently, as well as attending an indoor rally in Tulsa, Africa on 20 June.

“I don’t think there is any way to track this with a particular person who caused it to become infected,” he said. “We will never know.”

In a video posted on the website after the president’s rally, Mr. Cain said that he was wearing a mask when he was in groups of people. But he also posted his photos on social media, which showed him without a mask and surrounded by people in the arena.

An unexpected hero of the Tea Party conservatives, Mr. Cain ran as president in 2012, but left the race after being charged with sexual misconduct that he refused. It had a 9-9-9 tax plan on its platform: a fixed 9 percent individual income tax rate, a 9 percent corporate tax rate, and a 9 percent national sales tax.

Last year, Mr. Cain withdrew his name as one of Mr. Trump’s choices for the Federal Reserve Board, after charges of sexual harassment reappeared.


Herman Cain Full Biography / Wiki

Herman Cain was an American business executive, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist. Cain grew up in Georgia and graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He then graduated with a master’s degree in computer science at Purdue University, while also working full-time for the U.S. Department of the Navy. In 1977, he joined the Pillsbury Company where he later became vice president. During the 1980s, Cain’s success as a business executive at Burger King prompted Pillsbury to appoint him as chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, in which capacity he served from 1986 to 1996.

Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Omaha Branch from 1989 to 1991. He was deputy chairman, from 1992 to 1994, and then chairman until 1996, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In 1995, he was appointed to the Kemp Commission, and in 1996, he served as a senior economic adviser to Bob Dole’s presidential campaign. From 1996 to 1999, Cain served as president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

In May 2011, Cain announced his 2012 presidential candidacy. By the fall, his proposed 9–9–9 tax plan and debating performances had made him a serious contender for the Republican nomination. In November, however, his campaign faced allegations of sexual misconduct—all denied by Cain—and he announced its suspension on December 3. He remained involved in politics afterward.

Cain died on Thursday, July 30, 2020 from complications due to Coronavirus COVID-19


Herman Cain Early life

Herman Cain was born on December 13, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Lenora Davis Cain (1925-1982), a cleaning woman and domestic worker, and Luther Cain (1925-2005), who was raised on a farm and worked as a barber and janitor, as well as a chauffeur for The Coca-Cola Company President Robert W. Woodruff. Cain has said that as he was growing up, his family was “poor but happy.” Cain related that his mother taught him about her belief that “success was not a function of what you start out with materially, but what you start out with spiritually.” His father worked three jobs to own his own home—something he achieved during Cain’s childhood—and to see his two sons graduate.

Cain grew up on the west side of Atlanta, attending school and the Rev. Cameron M. Alexander’s Antioch Baptist Church North in the neighborhood now known as The Bluff. Eventually Cain’s father saved enough money and the family moved to a modest brick home on Albert Street in the Collier Heights neighborhood. He attended Archer (public) High School, graduating in 1963.

Herman Cain Education and Career

In 1967, Cain graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In 1971, he received a Master of Science in Computer Science from Purdue University, while working full-time as a ballistics analyst for the U.S. Department of the Navy as a civilian.

After completing his master’s degree from Purdue, Cain left the Department of the Navy and began working for The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta as a computer systems analyst. In 1977, he moved to Minneapolis to join Pillsbury, soon becoming director of business analysis[12] in its restaurant and foods group in 1978.


Personal life

Cain married Gloria Cain (née Etchison), of Atlanta, soon after her graduation from Morris Brown College in 1968.

Disclosures filed during his campaign in 2011 categorized Cain’s wealth at that time as being between $2.9 and $6.6 million, with Cain’s combined income for both 2010 and 2011 being between $1.1 and $2.1 million.

Cain also served as an associate minister at Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, which he joined at the age of 10.[102] The church is part of the National Baptist Convention[103] and is politically liberal and theologically conservative; the church’s senior pastor, Rev. Cameron M. Alexander, did not share Cain’s political philosophy


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