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Fullerton Officer Scott Flynn was justified in killing 17-year-old Hannah Williams on July 5, 2019, the Orange County district attorney’s office has said. Flynn spotted Williams driving erratically on the 91 freeway and did a check on the vehicle to find it was a rental, leading him to believe it was a criminal fleeing

Who is Hannah Williams?

A police officer was justified in killing a 17-year-old girl who appeared to be having a mental health crisis and pointed a replica gun at him when he stopped her for driving erratically on a California freeway, an investigation has found.
A police officer was justified in killing a 17-year-old girl who seemed to be having a mental health crisis and who pointed her up with a replica gun when she stopped her because she was driving irregularly on a California highway.

Who killed Hannah Williams?

Fullerton Officer Scott Flynn killed Hannah Williams three times on July 5, 2019, before the cops later discovered he had a BB gun.

In a letter shared on Tuesday, the Orange County district lawyer said in an investigation that he reasonably found that the police believed the teenager would kill him.
“Although the incident was deeply sad, causing a mentally ill child to die, the police officer did not commit a crime,” the prosecutor wrote.
‘On the contrary, he performed his duties as a peace officer in a reasonable and just manner.’
According to the Orange County Register, the letter did not name the teens, but her family previously described it as Hannah Linn Williams.

Flynn took a duty and injured police dog to a vet where the rented gray Dodge SUV Williams drove faster than 100 miles on an Anaheim motorway.

Flynn made a check and discovered that he was driving a rental car.
‘At the moment, Officer Flynn believed that the driver could escape a crime commission, because in the 11-year police experience, suspects involved in crime often use rental cars during the commission of their crimes’ lawyer letter states.

“ He felt that this could possibly be one of these vehicles, as the SUV was so disorganized. ‘
Then the car slowed down, forcing him to brake and change lanes to avoid an accident, Harrison wrote.
The SUV turned around and hit the front end of the patrol car and parked incorrectly on a highway ramp. The letter states that Flynn believed he was attacked.

The video from Flynn’s body worn camera shows that he is walking towards the SUV and facing the teenager. At the same time, he ‘walks towards him, holding what looks like a black semi-automatic firearm with his arms half-lifted, barrel raised and directly in a pointed shooting position’.

Flynn fired a few shots. There is no sound for the first 30 seconds of the clip, but when it starts, the officer says’ Show me your hands! Show me your hands after you show me your scars.

Then another officer comes to the scene and quickly begins to help her colleague give first aid to the girl who appears to have been hit on her chest and leg after protecting the area.
He might hear him say ‘This is a copy, a copy’.

The suffering clip can be heard by high school senior and lifeguard Hannah, pleading for help and saying to the officers that she can’t breathe.

When he is told to turn his stomach and put his hands behind his back, he follows both police orders. It is then handcuffed.

He says: ‘Please help me. I can not breathe. ‘
Shortly after the fatal fire incident, Hannah’s father made a call to report that her daughter was missing, telling the 911 processor that she was concerned that she might be a danger to her and that she was using medication for depression.

The letter of June 22 states that he took antidepressants and saw a psychiatrist.
He asked if he was talking about harming himself: “No, ma’am. But as I said, he is currently using medication. You only know from blue, he never did that. ”

Her stepmother said that Williams had been trying to escape and ‘hurt herself’ in the past.

Why was Hannah Williams shot and killed?

He alleged that he resisted a police officer while escaping from a mental health facility on April 29, 2019.
“During the physical fight, Minor Doe [Williams] took the officer’s task gun and was able to pull it from the officer’s gun belt,” says the letter. ‘The officer was able to wrestle the gun from the hand of Minor Doe with the help of a civilian and was not fired.’

In August 2018, he was found on a street with a hunting knife, and told the prosecutor that he planned to kill someone. He notes that he threatened to torture and kill his half-brother and mother that same month.
It is uncertain in which cities these previous events occurred.

Flynn had been an officer at the La Palma Police Department since 2008 before joining Fullerton police in 2014.
The Fullerton Police Department refused to comment on Tuesday, saying ‘the case is still pending.’

Shortly after the shooting, Williams’ family filed a lawsuit against the city. The lawyer claimed that the officer did not follow the department protocol when approaching the vehicle.

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