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Mr. Allen, known by his wife Hannah Allen Wiki at Kage, was named on Tuesday morning as the pilot involved in the accident.
Hannah Allen paid tribute to her husband Lt. Kenneth Allen, who died on Monday after the jet he was flying crashed in the North Sea.

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Posts on Mrs. Allen’s Facebook page showed that the couple had only recently got married before Mr Allen headed to the UK to join with the 48th Fighter Wing in February.

In a post, Mrs. Allen paid tribute to her husband saying she felt “beyond blessed to have loved him”.
Mrs. Allen said: “He is gone.
“I’m shaking, I got a priesthood blessing and he told me Kage is so sorry.
“Typical Kage to apologize even though he shouldn’t.
“No words to express how shaken I am. Kage was perfect, never been treated with more love and respect in my life.
“He was my absolute best friend and man Christ needs to hurry up and come back so I can be with Kage again.
“Thanks for all the messages. I love you all, Kage loves you all. He was so Christ-like in how he cared for others. I feel beyond blessed to have loved him in this life and can’t wait to love him for eternity.”

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“He is gone. I’m shaking,” said his wife of several months, Hannah Allen, in a Facebook post late Monday, after the Air Force had confirmed that her husband had died when his F-15C Eagle crashed into the North Sea that morning.


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Hannah Allen Recalling her memories for Kage alen

“Kage was perfect, never been treated with more love and respect in my life. He was my absolute best friend,” she said, using the name many called him by.
Before the crash, which occurred during a routine training flight, emergency communications were heard on a “frequency used throughout NATO,” The Aviationist website reported.
Kage was likely dead, his wife acknowledged in a Facebook post-Monday as British coast guard helicopters, lifeboats and military planes joined the American military in the search for him.
“Life doesn’t feel real,” Hannah Allen wrote. “Right now Kage has presumably passed. Right now we need time to process this shock. … He is the love of my life. I don’t know what I did to deserve him or be [part] of his family.”