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Gracie Cox is a South Carolina Dan costume designer, has been made public with allegations of sexual assault against actress and director Kevin Connolly.
Gracie Cox, a costume designer from South Carolina, came out with allegations of sexual assault against actress and director Kevin Connolly.

He explained to Daily Beast in 2005 that he worked with Connolly in The Gardener of Eden. It was his first directing experiment, and Cox was hired as an assistant designer. Cox said that Connolly often flirts with him on set.

The story of Gracie Cox S*Xual Assult

After filming was over, the cast and crew were celebrated with a party in a hall in downtown Manhattan. Cox claimed that Connolly pulled aside, took him to an empty room, and attacked without using a condom. Connolly insisted that the action was reached a compromise. His lawyer, Marty Singer, responded with a ready statement stating that the actor “categorically denied any allegations claiming to be an attack”. (The entire expression is in Truth 2).

What Gracie Cox explained about Assult

Cox explained to the Daily Beast that Connolly was interested in working on The Gardener of Eden. She said that she was distracted because Connolly had a girlfriend at the time. People reported conolly dated heiress Nicky Hilton for two years before splitting in late 2006.

Cox told the website that when Connolly flirted with him, he “didn’t take it too seriously” and tolerated it because he was the boss. “There was nothing that frightened me anyway, it bothered me a bit.”

The Daily Beast quoted two of Cox’s friends, reminding him that Cox complained about Connelly’s behavior at work. Connolly, through his lawyer, claimed that the attraction was mutual and Cox was flirting back.

Entourage star Kevin Connolly is accused of raping the costume designer for a movie he directed in 2005, according to a new report from the Daily Beast.

Full Story

Working as a costume designer in Connolly’s first directing essay, The Gardener of Eden, Gracie Cox claims that the 46-year-old movie attacked in the currently closed Butter lounge in Manhattan while celebrating the film’s completion.

Cox, 29, said it was not more than an hour in the incident, when Connolly allegedly approached him and asked if he would join him to smoke.

“I didn’t smoke but I didn’t want to look rude,” said Cox to the Daily Beast. ‘This was the first social environment I was with with the exception of being on set. He took me to a hall that I thought was a VIP lounge area. ”
Cox rejects the allegations as soon as he enters the area, claiming that Connolly started kissing him.

“ I didn’t know how to answer, ” he said to the exit, but before thinking about what to do about it, he pulled me to one of these little sides (from the cabins) and lowered my pants and turned me over and was never inside me. I was just in shock. ‘

An emotional Cox reminded that the shock paralyzed him: yoktu I had no chance to object or resist. It was really fast.

‘I froze and had a shock. Nothing like this has ever happened before, in any form, shape or form. I was completely unprepared. ”

Cox later claims that Connolly, who he said he did not use condoms, did something he could never forget.
“He bought a pillow from the sofa, he threw it at me, and told me to“ clean myself ”to Daily Beast.
Connolly later told her that he would leave the room and, according to Cox, told him to wait a few minutes before going out, “because nobody wanted us to see us together.”

The former costume designer, who has since returned to South Carolina to work as a child therapist, said that she quickly gathered herself and tried to re-enter the party, because this is ‘the only way to leave’.
On his way back to the function room, Cox says he’s caught the attention of the chief costume designer boss Amy Westcott, who hired him on the project.

“Amy saw me and could see I was troubled,” said Cox to the Daily Beast. He saw [[Connolly] walking, too, and immediately said, “What happened?” It seemed.

It was reported that Westcott had pulled Cox aside, but only after exchanging a few words, he apparently became aware of Cox’s hysterical condition, and “immediately became angry and protective and went after [Connolly].
Westcott confirmed to the scene that he was talking about Cox’s meeting with Singer immediately after the incident, and Connolly faced it.

Fast Facts You Must Need to Knopw bout Gracie Cox

  • Gracie Cox, who worked as a costume designer on Connolly’s directorial debut The Gardener of Eden, claims the 46-year-old raped her in 2005
  • The alleged incident is said to have taken place at a party in the now-shuttered Butter lounge in Manhattan to celebrate The Gardener of Eden wrapping up
  • Cox, then 29, claims Connolly led her into a VIP room, began kissing her and later pushed her into a side booth, turned her over, and raped her
  • Through his attorney, Connolly has categorically ‘categorically denies’ assaulting Cox, saying the encounter was purely ‘consensual’