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A newly-married bodybuilder and bikini model who died after a two-year cancer war posted a tragic Facebook message across the grave – stunning her family and the husband she married on her deathbed.

Gemma Sisson, a 39-year-old bodybuilding queen, said, “ If this is being sent, it means I finally died, ” telling her friends and family members that she was ‘finally at peace’ in her heartbreaking Facebook post with tears sentence.
Leeds’ sports fan in West Yorkshire told his friends and family members that she was’ heartbroken to leave everyone behind ‘.

However, she added, she hoped his death would serve as a warning to other victims to control themselves, even if they thought they were defeating cancer.

Gemma Sisson Age

She died at the age of 39

Gemma Sisson Cause of death cancer

Gemma was first diagnosed with pelvic cancer in April 2018, and weeks passed after tiring radiotherapy and a year of care
However, only one month after the NHS doctors became fully open in July 2019, they discovered that the disease had returned and spread to the spine, liver, and stomach.
His life partner, Ricky Moore, announced that the couple got married in May after special permission was given to the ceremony by the hospice last week.

Gemma Sisson died peacefully in the arms of her new husband

Gemma died peacefully in the arms of her new husband on Wednesday – four days after the couple shared the ‘two-month anniversary’ package at the hospital of one of their favorite restaurants.

Just a few hours after his death on Wednesday afternoon, his friends and family were stunned when a challenging post appeared on his social media account.

He said: ‘If this is being sent, it means that I finally died after sticking for so long for weeks.
Although my heart is broken to leave all my loved ones behind, I will be happy to get rid of what this disease has left me.

Indeed, I will feel that I have made a positive impact by sharing my cancer story and submitting a petition for secondary cancer screening and that even if only 1 person gets some help from this, I have achieved something good.
“ I can’t thank Rick enough and gave me an incredible amount of love and support during this terrible time.
“ I want all my loved ones to know that the pain and suffering have stopped, and I am at peace in the end.
I am also grateful for all the support I received from all my followers on social media.

“If no one is going to get anything from this, life is short and we think that we all will never happen to such things.
“ I thought about it and let me tell you, it can happen to anyone reading it.
So live your life to the fullest, do not accept anything or anyone, because we do not know what is really around the corner.
“ But I’m absolutely delighted that my time is up, see you at the back mother! ”
Gemma was first diagnosed in April 2018 after discovering a marble-sized lump in the groin while on vacation in 2017. At first, doctors diagnosed it as a sunken hair back home.

Months later, as the tuber grew, it returned to its GP, but was once again informed that there was nothing to worry about.

But in March 2018, the tuber was the size of an egg, and it was painful, so Gemma went to A&E.
Other tests performed the following month revealed that four of the lymph nodes in their pelvis had stage 3 cancer.
Speaking during his diagnosis, she said, ‘I felt super healthy, there was no weight loss or appetite change, I did not feel weakness or anything else.

“ I was very confident that it was not serious that I went alone to get the results of the biopsy, and even when I was told I did not get it correctly.

“I understood what it meant only when they talked about chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”
Gemma then went through weeks of tiring radiotherapy and a year of maintenance.
Throughout her treatment, she was fortunate to be able to pursue a level of education that said there was ‘a great mental and physical aid’ to deal with suffering.

When she clarified everything in January 2019, she seemed to have overcome the disease.
Just months later, in March of last year, Gemma started experiencing back pain, but she refused to stop climbing Snowdon Mountain in May to raise money for the Leeds cancer unit she was treated for.

They went through their usual screening in July, but they did not scan their entire body, which meant that they missed tumors that started growing in the spine and causing their vertebrae to collapse.

Gemma was said to be progressing so well, her scans could have resulted in disaster every 12 months – every 12 months.
Fortunately, she saw a physiotherapist special to his neck and back pain, and recommended a special MRI scan to him.

She performed more than one treatment and screening until the end of 2019.

“This is what collects tumors in the spine,” she explained. “ I went to GP, A&E, and even a suffering chiropractor, but she was the only one who noticed the seriousness of the situation.

“For several years she worked at Leeds General Revir in the spine injuries unit, and I think she literally saved my life and prevented me from having a stroke.”

She had a 10-hour surgery to repair the spine where the cancer was retained.
However, one of the scans showed tumors growing in the spine and abdomen, and Gemma received a heartbreaking blow because they were secondary cancer and incurable.

‘It was devastating,’ he said. “ I had read about a week ago that secondary cancer could rarely be cured, so I had an idea that this could be the result, but it was very difficult to hear.

One month after her 39th birthday, in February 2020, she was given devastating news that she would only live for months.

Cancer was too aggressive to cure, and as it worsened, Gemma moved to Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice in Leeds on April 13.

When she was admitted, she said he had to live seven days, despite fighting for months.
His wife, Ricky, announced on Facebook that she got married in May after the couple got special permission from the hospital.

Gemma Sisson also broke the news of death on Facebook yesterday:

“ At 1.15 today, you died just as you wanted, which would move peacefully in my arm, just no one around us. Now you’re finally at peace, Gemma.
“ You were everything I needed or wanted to hug one amazing person.
You’ve been with me forever since we met on 30/8/2004!
’16 years darling together 1. And I will continue until the day I will love you forever.
“ My big piece, which cannot be repaired anymore, has been broken but I made a promise to you, and I will live the rest of every minute of my life to make you proud !!
And I know you will follow every move to make sure I keep my promise!
“ I can’t wait to see you on the other side soon, my princess, and best of all, prepare this strawberry Daiquiri for me.
‘Until I meet my beautiful wife, Mrs. Gemma Sisson-Moore.’

Four Facts you Must need to Know about Gemma Sisson

  • Body building queen Gemma Sisson has died after a two-year battle with cancer
  • She has shared a heartbreaking Facebook message from beyond the grave
  • Gemma, from Leeds, West Yorks, says she hopes her death serves as warning 
  • She died peacefully in her new husband’s arms on Wednesday in a hospice