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Ganna Ziuzina Wiki

Ganna Ziuzina is a 38 years old woman fromfrom Ukraine living in Marbella city of France, who met Barry Pring on an online social media website, later on, he married to Barry Pring. Barry Pring died in a hit-and-run in Kiev on their first wedding anniversary. Barry Pring family believes his death was deliberate and Ms Ziuzina was involved.

Ganna Ziuzina, 39, had been preparing to face a civil trial at the High Court with her later husband’s family seeking to prove she was involved in his murder in the Ukraine.

Ganna Ziuzina Age

She is 38 years old woman

Why Ganna Ziuzina face trial at the High Court

Mr Pring’s estate is worth about £250,000. Computer technology entrepreneur Mr Pring from Devon died aged 47 without making a will, the court heard.

The family froze his estate to stop his wife getting a share of the cash, claiming she had murdered him in a contract killing.

Ganna Ziuzina Judge Views about Her

The judge, Deputy Master Stephen Lloyd, said the family’s position was that they “simply want justice for Barry”.

If their belief that he was killed was proved, the forfeiture rule – which stops a person who has unlawfully killed another from benefiting from the death – would “unquestionably” apply, he added.

He said that it was time “for the brake to come off” the determination of the forfeiture issue so it could move forward.

Any hearing is unlikely before autumn 2018, the court was told.

Is Ganna Ziuzina not involved in this case?

Mr McLinden said: “In order to defend the murder allegation, she was forced to engage with the forfeiture rule which had been raised against her.

“If she had not, she would have been labelled a murderer.

“To suggest she is in this for the money, as opposed to defending the murder allegation against her, is a nonsense.”

The Pring family said in a statement after the case that they were “100% focused and committed in bringing Barry’s murderer or murderers to justice”.

“We all miss Barry terribly, he was much loved and will always be in our thoughts.”

Ganna Ziuzina has been dubbed the Black Widow

Soaking up the sun on the Costa del Sol, the internet bride at the centre of an investigation into the murder of a wealthy British businessman enjoys a leisurely stroll with her latest rich lover.

Ganna Ziuzina, who has been dubbed the Black Widow, is seen laughing and joking in a bar near her £700,000 Marbella villa, which she shares with London property developer Ivan Lister.

The pair, who met following the hit and run murder of Miss Ziuzina’s husband Barry Pring in Kiev, were pictured relaxing with friends.

It is the first time the former stripper has been seen in public since an inquest ruled in January that Mr Pring was unlawfully killed after being ‘tricked’ into waiting by a road then being run over.

Ganna Ziuzina Fast Facts You Must Need To Know

  • Ganna Ziuzina, 38, pictured laughing in a bar near her £700k villa in Marbella
  • The first time she has been seen in public since inquest ruled her ex-husband Barry Pring was unlawfully killed 
  • She denies any involvement in his murder and is battling over his £1.5m estate
  • Now she has become the lover of Ivan Lister, a rich London property developer