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Gage Lorentz Wiki – Gage Lorentz Biography

Gage Lorentz was a Colorado man headed home from his job in Texas was shot and killed by a national parks ranger. His family says he was unarmed and not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Now they want justice.

What Gage Lorentz says about him

Family members say Gage Lorentz was a Western Slope young man with Colorado values.
“He was a genuine young man with a heart of gold,” says his mother, Kim Beck.
His sister Skylar says, “He was just the best person I’ve known.”
His family says they raised him to be an upstanding man.

Gage Lorentz Body camera footage

Lorentz from the body camera video event shows the following commands. At some point, he dances with a song played from another car. He asks the ranger Lorentz to return, and Lorentz says no to him. The ranger then tells Lorentz to take his hands out of his pocket immediately before trying to use a TASER on it.

Twenty seconds of the video is missing, but when he returns to the camera guard, he has a gun and hits Lorentz. Eventually Lorentz died. The officer later claims in the body camera video that the thorns from TASER did not penetrate the Lorentz’s jacket during the missing part of the video and that TASER was ineffective. He said that he attacked Lorentz hitting his head.

Gage Lorentz Family Mourns

Her family says this is not inherent in Lorentz. He was also unarmed and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They had no idea that this was happening because nobody called them to tell them.
His father explains: “One of his good friends got worried and called me and I told him to wait a bit if Gage fell asleep or somewhere else. Give him some time… but he immediately started calling Texas and New Mexico state officials, and he’s actually learning it. ”

Lorentz’s family said that the EMT-certified ranger bleed for eight minutes before trying to even help him. Even then, they say Lorentz has 16 minutes to really do any help by putting on an oxygen mask. Then they say that Lorentz’s body was left in the desert one night after his death.
Gage’s family has still heard nothing from the National Park Service, and they have received the information they received from Eddy County in New Mexico with the help of lawyers.
Now they want the world to know about the sons and brothers and they want to bring the village guard who shot and killed him to justice.
“He killed our son. justice we want to see. We want to see that people are accountable, ”says his mother, Kim.
Eddy County Sheriff did not send back emails from CBS Denver, requesting more information about the case by Michael Abeyta.