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erin gilfoy racial slur video Erin is a YouTuber and social media influencer.

Why erin gilfoy became famous

He became famous for making Vine videos, of which he gained more than 50,000 followers.
Erin and other social media star Carly Incontro launched their own series ‘Vining and Driving’; here the two were interviewing Vine stars while driving.

In addition, Erin gained popularity with the channel “Carly and Erin” with her YouTube channel and her co-channel with Carly.

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If you are logged in to Twitter, you may have noticed that Erin Gilfoy’s name is trending after being retweeted on the social media app.
Erin recently switched to the YouTube channel to address the old clip and apologize for the offensive content. Here’s what is said!

Erin apologized for an old video circulating on social media.

He said he was “incredibly upset” because he used a racial slurry in the clip and apologized to his “hurt” and “broken” followers.

Erin added that posting the video online was not “consent”, but what he said at the time was “wrong.”
In a video called “Don’t address my past,” he said:
“I never intended to harm anyone, and I never want to do this. So I’m really, really, very sorry.
“The main reason I don’t talk about it is that it is a very sensitive subject.”
After Erin’s apology, some followers went to Twitter to share supportive messages.
Several people said it was wrong for the video to appear online, as Erin explained that the clip was shot without permission.

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