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  • Emma Connolly, 45, from Tiverton in Devon, once weighed a staggering 24 stone
  • Travel agent Emma now looks unrecognisable after losing half her body weight
  • Began weight loss after leg started to swell up due to increased blood pressure

A mother-of-two has revealed her incredible twelve stone weight loss after ditching her habit of guzzling a bottle of wine per night and instead embracing a sober lifestyle for the last two years.

Emma Connolly, 45, from Tiverton in Devon, once weighed a staggering 24 stone, but now looks unrecognisable after losing half her body weight.

Boasting a 12 stone frame, travel agent Emma was scared into seriously kick-starting her weight loss in August 2018, after her leg began to swell up because of her increased blood pressure.

Emma recalled how this was the reality check she needed and the next day vowed to turn her life around by cutting out wine completely and starting a low-calorie diet that mainly consisted of shakes and soups.

She said: ‘I had been trying to lose weight for year, I felt like I was constantly on a diet. I would be really good throughout the day, and then I would come home from work, and sit down with my bottle of white wine.

‘I had a really unhealthy habit with my bottles of wine. It was hindering any of my attempts at weight loss. I would have one every evening, along with a plate full of cheese and biscuits.’

But after doctors told Emma that her blood pressure was increasing, causing the swelling of her legs, she decided she needed to take urgent action.

Emma recalled: ‘I went cold turkey and cut the wine out completely, along with starting a really low-calorie diet that mainly consisted of shakes and soups.

‘Giving up alcohol is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, it has taken so much for me to not drink, but my life is so much better without it.

‘Drinking was really holding me back in terms of my weight loss journey, and I would wake up every day feeling worse than I did the day before.

‘After a few months of no drinking and a low-calorie diet I had lost five stone, and finally felt in a better position to join a gym, because I was also conscious of getting excess loose skin.’

BREAKFAST: Tea and biscuits

LUNCH: Meal deal sandwich with a packet of crisps and fizzy drink

DINNER: A huge portion of lasagne

SNACKS: Six packets of crisps, bottle of white wine, cheese and biscuits

BREAKFAST: Protein shake

LUNCH: Chicken salad and fruit

DINNER: Much smaller portions sizes, roast chicken and vegetables

SNACKS: Bowl of fruit and yogurt and low calorie tonic water

‘I then began to lose more weight and I kept getting more and more in to exercise, which made me educate myself on what foods I needed to eat to fuel my body properly,’ she added.

‘I started by running, and then I started trying out some gym classes such as spinning, which I love now. I never would have tried it before because I thought I would break the bike.

‘I have recently also started weight lifting, so I can start toning up my skin. I cannot believe how confident and comfortable I am in the gym now before I never would have dreamed of walking into a gym because I would think everyone is staring at me.’

Emma said that when she was at her biggest she stopped going out with her friends and preferred to stay indoors because she dreaded having to look for something to wear and hated the feeling that everyone was looking at her when she was out.

She added: ‘Whenever my husband and I took our kids to theme parks I would be the one standing and waving because I was sure I would not fit into the seats on the rides.

‘When I went on holiday I was also mortified when I had to ask the flight attendants for a seat belt extension. Last year when I got on a plane, it was the first time I could do the normal belt up, I just burst into tears. It was so overwhelming.

‘Before I lost weight I had to take anxiety medication with me where ever I went because I was constantly nervous how I looked but that is not a thing anymore.

‘I never miss a party or an event, and I absolutely love going clothes shopping now. I have bought a whole new wardrobe, I feel amazing and confident.

‘Turning my life around and giving up drinking is the hardest and best thing I have ever done. I have to fight every day, and sometimes I do feel the temptation for a nice glass of white wine, but I know I will never do it because my life is just so much better now. I will never drink again.’

Emma has documented her journey on her Instagram page, @ems-healthier-life, which she said has also helped her.