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Donald Gibbs Tober was born in 1931 and raised in New York. When he was a child, he sometimes helped his father deliver sugar. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from Harvard University. After working as a lawyer, he joined his father’s company in 1958. Wikipedia

Donald Tober, whose Sugar Foods Corp. marketed Sweet’N Low sugar substitute and other restaurant supplies, died Friday in what New York police described as a suicide. He was 89 years old.

Mr. Tober, who had Parkinson’s disease, was married to Barbara Tober, a former editor of Bride magazine. They lived on Park Avenue in Manhattan and had a horse farm in Dutchess County in New York. Mr. Tober also once had a thoroughbred named Sweet’N Low who competed in horse show jumping events.

Tober and Stephen Odell owned Sugar Foods, founded in 1948 by Tober’s father, Harry Tober. The company originally sold sugar in 100-pound bags, but later found it to be much more profitable to sell it in small packages designed for restaurants and cafes. Sugar Foods didn’t make Sweet’N Low, but it made the brand’s pink packets a fixture in restaurants. In recent years, Sugar Foods has sold the N’Joy brand of sweeteners instead of Sweet’N Low.

Sweet’N Low, made with saccharin, was introduced in 1957 by Cumberland Packing Corp. of Brooklyn, founded by Ben Eisenstadt. The name Sweet’N Low comes from a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


Donald Tober Died On Frieday

The man who helped put pink Sweet’N Low packages on millions of tables died Friday.

Donald G. Tober, president of Sugar Foods Corporation, had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, according to the report.

According to a report by The New York Post, the 89-year-old died after jumping out of his apartment building in Manhattan.

Donald Tober Sugar Foods

Sugar Foods, which has around 1,400 employees in New York, had marketed Sweet’N Low and other well-known brands, including N’Joy and Sugar in the Raw coffee creamers. The company stopped marketing Sweet’N Low about 15 years ago, according to the Post.

“It was larger than life,” Steve Odell, Tober’s business partner of 51 years, told the Post.

He said: “Don has had as much to do with building Sweet’N Low into a household name as anyone has with a product. Every package of Sweet’N Low sold today can be traced back to a single sales call that probably did or at least participated. ”

Sweet’N Low By Donald Tober

Sweet’N Low was created in 1957 by Ben Eisenstadt, who had run a coffee shop in Brooklyn, according to the official story of the artificial sweetener. In the 1990s, when Tober was involved, it was estimated that about 86% of foodservice outlets had Sweet’N Low on hand, according to a 1996 report by The Denver Post.wiki

In the early 1980s, Sweet’N Low had to deal with a new competitor, NutraSweet’s Equal, which came in blue packages. Both are popular artificial sweeteners that are used in place of sugar.

Tober devised a plan to keep Sweet’N Low relevant by hosting a Grand Bartender Contest, according to The Denver Post report. His company requested nominations for 5 million Sweet’N Low boxes, and received about 3,000 essays in return, according to the report.

“Focusing on the waiters and waitresses was very important to us,” Tober told the newspaper at the time. “Waiters can be a sales arm for us.”

During a snowstorm in New York City in January 1996, Tober spoke with a reporter for The New York Daily News. He said he had lost tens of thousands of dollars due to the storm, which kept people indoors and restaurants closed.

Tober told the newspaper: “My wife woke up today and talked about how beautiful she was. I said no because of the economy.”

Tober met his wife, Barbara D. Tober, in 1972 and married a year later, according to a 1992 profile in The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis, Tennessee newspaper.

In that report, he recalled one of his early conversations: ” ‘Are you always so calm?’ Asked. “What you see is what you get,” she said, and I knew he was the man for me. He’s full of energy and energetic men have always been attracted to me. ”

Barbara had been editor-in-chief of Bride’s Magazine for about 30 years, according to a profile of the couple in The New Jewish Home.

Both were involved in philanthropic activities in New York City, where Donald Tober co-founded the Citymeals nn Wheels program, according to the report. He was an avid rider and skier, according to the Austrian American Foundation, where he was a trustee.