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Demetria Hester is a Black activist and hate crime, who was among 16 arrested in Portland protest
Authorities declared a riot for the second night in a row in Portland on Sunday and arrested 16 people at a demonstration in front of a police union building that became the center of the protests.

One of those arrested was Black activist Demetria Hester, who argued with white nationalist Jeremy Christian on a MAX train the night before the fatal stabbings in 2017. Hester is also one of the organizers of the Mothers Wall.
A video shows officers saying “you are under arrest” to 46-year-old Hester. He follows officers calmly and is loaded into a police vehicle. He was accused of interfering with a police officer and of second-degree erratic behavior.

Among those arrested was Black activist Demetria Hester, who ran the Mothers United for Black Lives Matter and regularly participated in Portland protests against anti-Black racism and police violence. Hester became the victim of a hate crime committed by MAX train killer Jeremy Christian in 2017 and testified against him at his trial.

Like others arrested at the demonstration, Hester faces charges of erratic behavior and interfering with a peacekeeper.

She is staying at the Multnomah County Detention Center and is scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon.

Demetria Hester incident detail

The protest on Sunday brought a crowd of about 200 people to the North Portland headquarters of the police officers union Portland Police Corps.

In the video from the scene, the police declared the assembly a riot when some of the police advanced on the protesters throwing objects at the police. At one point, a huge fireworks broke out between the groups.

Police responded by firing crowd control ammunition.

They said that a mortar wounded two officers and cited “direct attacks on officers” while declaring the demonstration a riot.

Paramedics treated the injured officers. Police said that someone had a burn on his neck and that his face mask was partially melted. According to the police, a piece of fireworks also hit the sergeant’s leg, causing injury.

The demonstrators were short-lived, with demonstrations gathered at 20:00 in Kenton Park. and walking to the union building on North Lombard Street just before 22:00.

Minutes after they arrived, the police warned the demonstrators with loudspeakers not to participate in criminal activities.

Demonstrators blocked Lombard Street and Fenwick Boulevard using garbage cans and fences that were dragged from nearby onto the street. At least one garbage can was set on fire.

Shortly before 22:00, the police declared the meeting an illegal assembly.

Minutes later, riot-equipped police advanced above the retreating crowd on North Denver Boulevard. The video showed the officers hit by small objects thrown. At one point, a massive fireworks broke out between the police line and the retreating protesters. Police also fired the crowd control ammunition.

Around 22.10 pm, the police declared a riot and officers arrested several people.

The hikers returned to Kenton Park where they had gathered before. Just before 10:30 pm, the police followed the group to the park and it turned out that it was making more arrests. The crowd was widely dispersed and the police abandoned the park.

The incident occurred in less than an hour.

A small crowd of about two dozen years later returned to the police unit building. The police arrived minutes later, ordered the assemblies to go and were arrested.

Portland police and Oregon State Police troops formed a line around the building as protesters stood beside them, then officers left at around 11:45 PM The protesters wandered into the street.
There was no other clash between the protesters and the police.

Portland protests continue on day 73

Saturday night fire turns protest into rebellion: today’s key takeaways

Some protesters gathered peacefully in Portland on Saturday night, but a small group lit fire inside the police unit building in North Portland. The fire prompted the police to declare a riot.

The demonstration, which took a break from Portland’s 74th consecutive protest night, came right after a protest in the same area on Saturday night. This demonstration was mostly peaceful until a small group of police started a fire inside the union building.

The action pushed the police to declare a riot and advance onto the crowd using impact ammunition and physical force – a pattern that emerged over the past few nights, in which a small group of people incited the police by damaging property and throwing objects at officers.

The focus of Portland’s biggest protests has shifted from the downtown police station and the nearby federal courthouse to the marches that often end outside police stations and facilities throughout the city.

As federal officers came to Portland to protect the federal courthouse and suppress protests, the ballooning crowd shrank after federal officers disappeared from the public eye, but became more confrontational.

Portland police responded with crowd control munitions and other forces in response to protesters who often said they had trespassed, burned fires, or damaged facilities.

A group of about 200 people gathered in Kenton City Park on Sunday to rally for the abolition of the police and prisons and support the Black Lives Matter movement. The group marched to the PPA building in North Portland, where the rebels entered the building and lit fire on Saturday night.

On Sunday, when the crowd reached the PPA offices, police warned from the sound truck that if the group engaged in criminal activities such as vandalism or attempted to set the building on fire, the police would make arrests and potentially use tear gas and other ammunition. to clear the crowd.

Police said members of the group had begun closing the streets with garbage bins and fences, and some lit fire on the sidewalk outside the PPA building. According to police, the police announced an illegal meeting and warned the group to disperse, at which point some members of the group laid eggs at the officers.

Police said the majority of the group had returned to Kenton Park and those who did not do so were not being moved by Portland police and Oregon State Police troops.