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Dawit Kelete, 27, of Seattle, drove through a freeway closure at I-5 and Olive Way before striking multiple protesters who were on the freeway after midnight Saturday.
Videos shot by protesters at the scene “The car! Car!” before escaping from the highway.

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Dawit Kelete is 27 years old suspect

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The hitter kept driving down the road; Trooper Chase Van Cleave told The Associated Press. Afterward, one of the protesters chased the suspect in his car for about 2 kilometers before catching him. He successfully stopped Dawit Kelete after pulling his car in front of Dawit’s Jaguar near Edgar Martinez Drive. Check out Dawit Kelete Photo, Wiki, Bio, Family, Age, Wife.

Dawit Kelete Drover Over Victim

Trooper Rick Johnson from the State Patrol said two victims were running to Harborview Medical Center for treatment. Taylor was listed in a critical situation after the accident. Another victim, identified as 32-year-old Diaz Love from Bellingham, was hospitalized on Saturday night with serious injuries.
Love was protesting in a two-hour Facebook live broadcast titled “Black Femme gets March I-5” when the video suddenly ends; About 15 seconds left, “The car!” shouts, according to the Associated Press report, that the camera can be heard when the tires begin to shake before they squeak, and a blast sound is heard.
A preliminary investigation found that after protesters entered the motorway from the ramp on Yale Street for the 19th consecutive night, state troops closed the I-5’s lanes north-south and south. At around 1:40 on Saturday, a suspicious white 2013 Jaguar incorrectly drove from an unknown exit ramp to I-5 before turning and heading south at high speed.

Against Dawit Kelete Protest

Meanwhile, protesters and multiple support vehicles were blocking the southern lanes of I-5 on Yale Street. The suspect roamed around the support vehicles and hit the crowd of protesters and attacked two women.
Trooper Chase continued to head south to Van Cleave Associated Press after shooting lonely suspected protesters. One of the protesters got into the car and chased the driver for a mile. Van Cleave said he could stop him by pulling his car in front of Jaguar near Edgar Martinez Drive.

Washington State Patrol Captain Control

Washington State Patrol Captain Ron Mead said soldiers had arrived and the driver was detained.
The driver left the King County Prison to investigate two vehicle attacks. He is held without bail.
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan partially delivered a message of support for victims and other protesters:
“Our city stands with friends, families and loved ones who pray for these women and everyone there.”
The I-5’s north and southern lanes were closed at the scene of the investigation, but have been reopened since then.

The soldiers said that drugs or alcohol were not a factor in the crash.
State Patrol Captain Ron Mead said in part after the incident:
WSP uses the safest possible methods to prevent injuries by covering the driver, protesters, WSDOT personnel and soldiers, by blocking the road as required and separating protesters and vehicle traffic. This is the case for pedestrians and especially those who are gathered illegally. WSP continues to support the rights of peaceful protesters, but interstate is not a safe place to do this. ”
GoFundMe accounts were created to help pay the medical expenses of two victims.

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