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Cynthia and David Quintavalle’s 25-year-old son is a Chicago police officer, assigned to patrol the streets of Englewood

A group of Chicago firefighters hired an attorney in anticipation of a potential legal challenge to a city hiring policy that will give Chicago public high school graduates a head start on an upcoming Fire Department exam.

Firefighters say the preferential hiring practice that will affect the December exam should be extended to all Chicagoans, including those who, like the children of many firefighters and city workers, attended private high schools. Their legal fight is funded by a $ 20,000 donation from Firefighters Union Local 2.

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He is 62 years old.

Incident Details

The situation points to the competing political constituencies that Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces as he approaches his re-election bid in February. Emanuel doesn’t want to anger the firefighters, especially so soon after announcing a new contract with the union that was overwhelmingly approved by grassroots firefighters and the City Council. He’s also reluctant to fight with voters who choose private schools for his children, including many of the city workers who must live in Chicago.

At the same time, the mayor needs to repair a relationship with African American and Hispanic voters that has eroded since his first election thanks to factors including persistent violent crime and his drive to close schools, a move that hit mostly minority neighborhoods.

Given the large number of minority enrollments in the Chicago Public Schools, it makes political sense for Emanuel to advocate preferential hiring treatment for CPS graduates. He did just that after a City Council meeting last month, saying he wants “CPS’s goal of attendance at schools to be a credit for the diversity of the city, the strength of that diversity, to be represented in the strength of city ​​job “.

“I think we should make sure that children who are graduating from CPS have the opportunity to work for the city, and get points for it, consistent with what we want to do, due to the diversity of the city and the diverse talent in our city, “said Emanuel.

The Emanuel administration instituted the hiring standards that favored CPS graduates for many city jobs in 2012. The Human Resources Department was instructed to “ensure that a minimum of 20 percent of candidates referred for a position that has the consideration for CPS hiring are CPS graduates. ”

The rule was greeted with applause by some councilors and became an accepted element of city hiring until it became clear that the preference would apply to the Chicago Fire Department entrance exam in December, the first exam of its kind. offered since 2006.

Chicago Fire Department Lt. Peter O’Sullivan said he and other firefighters hired an attorney because of protests within the department and from Chicago residents who are not firefighters but have now realized that children who were sent to private high schools will have a worse time. doing it on the hiring list.

Only about 9 percent of CPS students are white, according to the district. O’Sullivan rejected any suggestion that opposition to the city’s policy was racially motivated.

“This has nothing to do with race,” O’Sullivan said. “It has to do with the fair and equitable treatment of all applicants.”

O’Sullivan lives in the remote Southwest Side Mount Greenwood neighborhood, an enclave of firefighters and other city workers. His son graduated from nearby St. Rita Catholic High School and plans to take the fire department test. “So now he’s at a disadvantage,” O’Sullivan said.

Firefighter David Quintavalle’s son and daughter attended Marist High School, a Catholic school in Mount Greenwood. He said it was a decision he made “because of my religious beliefs.”

“I have nothing against public schools. This was a decision that I made based on my values ​​and the values ​​that I wanted to be transmitted to them, and I don’t think they should be punished for that if they take the test,” Quintavalle said.

Viral Video

A video released by TMZ shows a man throwing a Fire Extinguisher towards the Capitol Police Officer. One of those who died from the riots was a police officer named Brian Sicknick after he was shot by a fire extinguisher. Quick moves were made to connect the dots and identify a possible suspect.

He said he hopes the city will change the preference standards and that a lawsuit is not necessary.

What Michelle Adamowski a spokeswoman said about David Quintavalle

Michelle Adamowski, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, said the city’s Catholic high schools can help provide the diverse pool of applicants for city jobs that Emanuel seeks.

According to Adamowski, 13 of Chicago’s 20 Catholic high schools have a student population that is more than 50 percent minority, and about half the student population

David Quintavalle Brother

There is no social media presence to confirm that Quintavalle is a Trump Supporter, but his brother, Keith Quintavalle, is not a Trump Supporter, according to Facebook Posts. He wrote in March 2017,

“President Trump, you are sick and bad guy. You are not professional and you humiliate the office of President.”
The two brothers don’t seem to be in good terms if a 2017 Facebook post is something to pass. His brother Keith wrote that David had fraudulently bought and sold his mother’s property. The Post reads,

Chicago Firefighters Exams 

Quintavalle was among the protesters who were on the strike line after the promotional exams were canceled in February 2020 due to technical problems. Many carried signs that read “2020 exam scam” on Wednesday, referring to the oral exams planned for the nearly 1,600 firefighters and 120 battalion chief candidates competing to become lieutenants. You can read the full article on ABC News here.