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David Gehrke is the attorney of teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who lost a battle with cancer. Letourneau was a former Highline teacher who passed away after being ill for some time. She was 58.
Letourneau lost a battle with cancer, her attorney, David Gehrke, said. Letourneau was a former Highline teacher who passed away after being ill for some time. She was 58.

David Gehrke Statement

Mary Kay Letourneau died at the age of 58 after fighting cancer, her lawyer David Gehrke confirmed to Q13 News on Tuesday.

Letourneau is a former Seattle teacher at Shorewood Primary School in Burien, and became a tabloid bait when he was convicted for raping 12-year-old Vili Fualaau in 1997. When the relationship begins, a 34-year-old and married four-year-old mother.

David Gehrke Spoke with Q13

On Tuesday evening, Letourneau’s former lawyer David Gehrke spoke with Q13 News about his transition. Gehrke said he always struggled to admit that what he did was against the law. But one day she said that she told her that she would have a big happy family with Fualaau, but that it would never be possible.

David Gehrke visit Last to Mary Kay Letourneau

When Gehrke went to visit him last year, he admitted that he was wrong about him.
“I looked at her and said, ‘When you first came to the market, you remembered and just said you wanted to marry Villi and have a big happy family?’ He looked at me and gave me this smile that I had seen before because he was sure that he would always get what he wanted, and he gave me a smile and said, ‘Yes, I told you I would get it,’ Gehrke said.Gehrke said that Letourneau and Fualaau divorced last year but remained with Fualaau last year and even in the fight against cancer.”Coming back here and being with him and the proof for almost the last few months, they’ve obviously loved each other, and if they were the same person, they would have done the same thing. Cancer,” Gehrke said.
He said he doesn’t really believe he’s a pedophile and shouldn’t be seen as one.

Mary Kay Letourneau heritage

“Hopefully when people think about him and his heritage, they will think about how strong he is and how brilliant he is and how gentle. And they don’t look at him like a child rapist. and I hope people will look at it that way. ”
Fualaau and Letourneau had previously described their relationship as a love and even wrote together a book called “Un Seoul Crime, L’Amour” or “Just a Crime, Love.” His stories have also been the subject of a US Network movie “All American Girl.”

Letourneau and Fualaau sentenced child rape to 7 and a half years after marriage in Woodinville, Washington on May 20, 2005.

King County court records show that Fualaau asked the court to legally leave Letourneau on May 9, 2017.
Seattle lawyer Anne Bremner became friends with Letourneau in 2002 when Fualaau represented her Des Moines police department in a case brought by her mother, claiming that the city and school district could not protect her from teaching. In the civil case, a jury ruled the family. Bremner visited Letourneau in prison, and after his release, he would meet him for lunch.

“He acknowledged that this was a crime and had to serve his time, but he didn’t live when he went out,” Bremner said. “He progressed very positively and raised these girls. It was someone I had rooted. I wanted him to do really well and he did. ”
Letourneau survived by six children, including two daughters from Fualaau.