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A Hero of last month’s London Bridge attack who fought off the killer terrorist with a narwhal tusk has been revealed as a mild-mannered civil servant. Darryn Frost a Whitehall worker, grabbed the tusk from the display to stop Usman Khan, who was running over people with a knife taped to his wrists.

Darryn is South African, who has lived in the UK for 14 years. Darryn’s identity remained a mystery until yesterday when he first told people his story to unite against terrorism and raise money for the ­families of the victims.

Darryn Frost Age

Darryn is 38 years old.

Darryn Pursued The Attacker

South African Darryn, who has been based in the UK for 14 years, has been in the professional capacity at Cambridge University’s Learning Together prisoner rehabilitation ceremony when the convicted terrorist Khan has been expelled. He told of hearing a commotion downstairs as the jihadi began attacking people.

Darryn said: “When we heard the noise from the floor below, a few of us rushed to the scene. I took a narwhal tusk from the wall and used it to defend myself and others from the attacker.

“Another man was caught on the bay with a wooden chair on the attacker. I ran down the stairs, stood near the chair, and we both faced the attacker. He had a knife in both hands and, upon seeing me with the narwhal tusk, pointed to his midriff.

“He turned and spoke to me, then indicated he had an explosive device around his waist. At this point, the man next to me threw his chair at the attacker, who then started running towards him with knives raised above his head.”

Darryn then passed the tusk to his unarmed comrade before racing back upstairs to find another of the spear-like ornaments to use. When Darryn returned, he found the first tusk “shattered across the floor” and people running from the building.

He said: “Along with ­others, I pursued the attacker, tusk in hand, on to the bridge. We called out to warn the public of the danger and, after a struggle, managed to restrain him to the ground. At that point, I was trying to isolate the blades by holding his wrists so that he could not hurt anyone or set off the device.”

As well as volunteer Saskia and event co-ordinator, Jack, three other people were stabbed, including ­Polish kitchen worker Lukasz ­Kocz­ocik, 38, who battled the terrorist with a 5ft-long ceremonial rod.

London Bridge Attack

London bridge attack incident happened on 29 November 2019 Usman Khan attack people with a knife and left two dead and many injured. After this Khan was also shoot dead by police.

One of the people stabbed to death in an attack at London Bridge has been named as the University of Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt. Jack is from Cottenham, Cambridgeshire. The death of Jack Merritt was confirmed on Twitter by his father David. Jack was 25-year-old.

Saskia Jones was 23 years old. She died after being subjected to wounds after being an attack on the knives of convicted terrorist Usman Khan, who was in London at a former prisoners’ conference.