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Dan Mauney Charlotte Wiki – Dan Mauney Charlotte Biography

dan mauney charlotte is a businessman who used a penchant for selling women’s shoes and men’s underwear to become one of Charlotte’s best-known fashion retailers and an activist Dies at the age of 49.

Dan mauney charlotte, a businessman who uses a pen to sell women’s shoes and men’s underwear to become one of Charlotte’s best-known fashion retailers, and an activist, one of the most visible members of the city’s gay scene, died in Sardis on Sunday morning at the Charlotte Oaks-powered living facility. He was 49 years old.

Her sister, Ann Davis, from Cherryville, said he had deteriorated health since he developed spinal meningitis and had a stroke last year.

dan mauney charlotte Graduation

Since his graduation from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs in 1992, Mauney’s first love has provided a quality shopping experience for people trying to look good: Although he studied religion and psychology, he moved to Charlotte and spent the first ten years of his career He spent work at Belk, Brooks Brothers and the former Via Veneto women’s shoe store in SouthPark.

dan mauney charlotte Start of Buisness

In 2001, he became a partner in a Dilworth boutique called Sloan – here he named the shoe part of the boutique – he won the nickname “Dan The Shoe Man” among well-dressed women worn by Sloan. shoe.

Later, less than three years after leaving Sloan in 2011, he helped open two South End boutiques: Brief, Charlotte’s only underwear store for men, and Shu, who specializes in women’s shoes. (Both remained open for three years.)
“He could have sold you a box of rock in the shoe box,” Davis said, citing a line that became a loving joke among family members from the obituary. (He said his brother’s personal shoe collection contained more than 200 pairs that his family had kept in the warehouse since moving to Sardis Oaks.)
Meanwhile, Mauney was also known for making Charlotte a more inviting place for members of the LGBTQ community.

dan mauney charlotte Human Rights compain Impact

He wanted to make an impact and served as a member of the National Board of Human Rights Campaign, which has long fought for LGBTQ equality, along with government and local groups and lawmakers. Also Time Out Youth, RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network), Inc. and Charlotte Pride; He was on the Gay Bingo management planning committee, which collected annual donations for RAIN; and Charlotte was the best donor for the AIDS Walk.
But it also wanted to make the city a more fun place for the LGBTQ community – so in 2004, it helped set up a weekly “Take Over Friday” party that attracted hundreds of people homosexually and straight, revealing several imitators. ; and he became a regular player of Gay Bingo, combining campus drag revue with colorful music and comedy.

And he was an equally skilled seller of shoes.

“My favorite thing about Dan … was the way he approached people to get things done,” said Louis Kemp, who has known Mauney for nearly two decades and is a current member of the HRC National Board of Directors. “He knew how to press your buttons. So you could nudge and prod and try to get a reaction from you, and it was a bit annoying at the time, but you knew they had the best intentions to do it. ”
“And we would always do this in Dan’s way,” she said with a laugh.

His sister Ann Davis also remembers this approach.

“It can be so aggravating,” he said. For example, “On our birthdays, he would send us the message“ Happy Birthday ”- but each text would be just one letter long until spelled. So our phones will explode. But in the end, “You had to laugh. It was absolutely funny. ”
Davis said his brother’s health deteriorated last Tuesday and entered the hospital on Wednesday. The family visited with him every day until Saturday, when he insisted on leaving.
After everyone left, Davis said to him, “I will stay with you tonight,” and I will be fine. … you will see tomorrow. ‘
“But Dan was so keen and so erect that I know he really doesn’t want me to be with him when he passes. I think he knew it was going to be because he was determined to see everyone on Saturday.
Anyway, we didn’t say goodbye. We said, “It’s too long for now.” ”
Besides his sister Mauney survived by his mother Doris Smith Mauney; his brother Mark; his sister Barbara Mauney McDaniel; and several nephews and nephews.
Towards the end of his family’s obituary, he writes: “In the next few days, we anticipate that he will set up a shoe store in heaven, take responsibility for his surroundings, and take great views of the beautiful place. now inside. “