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Damaris Wade who brutally beaten and robbed An 82-year-old grandfather in a Lancaster grocery store last month has died of his injuries.

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Last month, the 82-year-old grandfather died from his injuries after brutally beaten and robbed in a grocery store in Lancaster.

His family announced that Roberto Flores Lopez passed away on Wednesday. Incident detail

On July 8, Lopez was using the bathroom in Superior Grocers on East Avenue J when she was attacked violently, had a broken jaw, broken nose, and several fractures.

Damaris Wade and his girlfriend Tamika White

On July 12, 22-year-old Damaris Wade and his 33-year-old girlfriend Tamika White surrendered to authorities after being identified as suspects in the attack.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports, the surveillance video showed Wade attacking Lopez after White entered the store.
Wade was charged with attempted murder, injury, and second-degree robbery, and abuse of the elderly.
While White was initially charged with the crime, the charges against him were later dropped.
Lopez’s family was going to hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon.