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Cody Hansen

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Cody Hansen is the man facing an assault charge after police said he punched a disabled veteran during a confrontation that was caught on a surveillance camera in Kent.

Why Cody Hansen is facing charges and what victim said about him

Cody Hansen is the man facing charges of assault after police said he punched a disabled veteran during a crash on security cameras in Kent, Washington. According to the 72-year-old victim, the incident was triggered by a dispute over masks during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Fox News, the unnamed victim said early on July 18 that Hansen commented on his girlfriend for not wearing a mask at the hotel. He said that Hansen later returned to the lobby and hit him.
Mahkm records show that Hansen was arrested on August 8 and recorded in Spokane County Prison.

Cody Hansen conflict with victim and punching story

The conflict on July 18 took place at the Red Lion Inn and Suites in Kent, Washington. The image taken from the hotel’s surveillance camera, captured by NBC member KHQ-TV, shows the man now identified as Hansen standing above the old man in the lobby. The victim was sitting in a chair with a dog in hand and a dog under it.

The audio-video shows Hansen punching the old man four times in quick succession. The victim tried to counter by trying to swing his cane at Hansen after the first punch. Hansen walked away as the leashed dog followed him into the hallway.

The security camera was not capturing anyone else in the lobby at that time. Referring to detectives, KCPQ-TV reported that Hansen left the hotel shortly afterwards and his girlfriend picked him up.

Victim’s Jaw injured

The victim told the police that he believed Hansen was sorry for commenting on his girlfriend that he should wear a mask in public. The victim said Hansen’s girlfriend did not cover her face in the lobby of the Red Lion Inn and Suites.

The victim said that Hansen later returned to the lobby alone, KHQ-TV reported. It is unclear what the two men said to each other at that point, as the security camera was not recording any sound.

Fox News reported that the punches temporarily left the victim unconscious. Referring to the City Police, KCPQ-TV reported that the victim’s jaw was broken and his eye was scratched.

Cody Hansen Charged and arrested

Hansen was arrested on 8 August on second-degree assault charges. Police found a house on East Sinto Boulevard in Spokane following an anonymous tip, KHQ-TV reported. The TV channel also reported that there was an extraordinary order for Hansen to be arrested on drug charges in Alaska.

Prisoner records at Spokane County Prison, Hansen were booked at the facility around 8 am on August 8. Bond was set at $ 10,000. The case is being handled by King County prosecutors, but as of this writing, the charges against Hansen do not appear to have been entered into the online database yet.

A search of online records reveals several quotes and accusations against Hansen in Alaska. In 2005, he was charged with “abuse involving a controlled substance”, a misdemeanor. Records at Instant Checkmate show that Hansen made no objections. The 2006 and 2007 records list fraud, theft, and offenses of driving with a canceled or suspended license.

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