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Former Telstra technician Bradley Robert Edwards was convicted of murdering two young women in Perth nearly 25 years ago, but was found not guilty by a third in the notorious case known as the Claremont serial murders.

Supreme Court Judge Stephen Hall found that today, after taking Edwards, 51, from the streets of Claremont late at night in 1996 and 1997, he deliberately murdered Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27.

However, he was acquitted of the murder of Sarah Spiers, the 18-year-old receptionist who was the first of three women to disappear and whose body was not found.

“The proof of tendency makes it more likely that the accused is Sarah Spiers’ killer, but unless there is any other evidence of the killer’s identity, it cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt,” Justice Hall concluded.

The Justice Hall found that Edwards had kidnapped both Miss Rimmer and Miss Glennon from Claremont, but said it was impossible to pinpoint exactly how she got them into her Telstra-issued vehicle.

It drove both women to separate remote bush areas on the fringes of Perth, where fierce struggles began.
Edwards had cut the necks of both women with a sharp instrument before covering their bodies with vegetation to ensure they were never found.

The court remained silent while the verdicts were being made, and Justice Hall completed a summary of its verdict in about 20 minutes.
The families were suppressed when the verdicts were read, but they hugged each other in tears after the Palace of Justice left the court.

 Timeline matches

While not saying it caused his alleged offending, Ms Barbagallo claims it is “significant” that the timeline of the crimes and conduct mirror periods of emotional turmoil Mr Edwards was experiencing in his personal life.

As set out in court, the alleged timeline is:

  • Hollywood Hospital attack: occurs the day after Mr Edwards finds out his then-girlfriend has cheated.
  • Mr Edwards’ first wife begins affair in 1994 after Mr Edwards apparently became distant and spent too much time on his computer.
  • Her lover moves into their marital home in January/February 1995 (it is not exactly clear when Mr Edwards became aware of the affair).
  • Karrakatta rape: February 1995.
  • Mr Edwards’ wife leaves him in January 1996.
  • Sarah Spiers vanishes in January 1996.
  • In May 1996, Mr Edwards finds out his estranged wife is pregnant to the man she left him for.
  • Jane Rimmer is murdered in June 1996
  • Mr Edwards enters into a relationship with a woman 20 years his senior in the second half of 1996. It ends in March 1997. Ms Barbagallo said Mr Edwards told detectives he was not upset over the end of that affair, as it was “just athing”.
  • Ciara Glennon is murdered in March 1997. Mr Edwards is living on his own during the period of his alleged murder spree.
  • In April 1997 Mr Edwards meets his second wife and the prosecution alleges there is no further offending.