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Carmela Hontou cries .She cries inconsolably and it is a shocking cry because it comes from her choked lungs. Much of her country speaks ill of her, her name in Uruguay is inevitably associated with the coronavirus, and lynching on social media is breaking her.
“They say that I am a terrorist who brought the virus to kill everyone!” Desolate, she talks during a telephone interview with Infobae about the “disappointment” that many friends have generated after learning about her story: two trips to Europe between January and March and her presence at a wedding party for 500 people despite reasonably clear signs of that he could have caught the virus that has the world on edge .
The Eastern Republic of Uruguay has just three million inhabitants and it is not an exaggeration to say that many know each other. As of Friday, no cases of coronavirus had been reported, but the small country already has six, and Hontou, 57, a fashion designer specializing in leather coats and fur, is in the sights of many.
“ There are many friends who have disappointed me, of course. People are sick! They call me from Europe, Mexico, Los Angeles and they can’t believe what they see on the networks. They call me crying! ‘What are they doing in your country, what are they putting up, is it that they don’t know who you are? ‘”, They repeat to me.
Hontou remains at home and says he feels “better” in health after having a fever spike one day after the wedding, which was attended by a good part of Uruguayan high society and the patriotic neighborhood of Carrasco: ” I feel better, although All this repercussion was very ugly, people think that I went to a wedding to spread a virus, and it was not like that ”.
In January, Hontou flew to Milan and Madrid to hold meetings related to his professional activity. Everything indicates that it was on that trip that he caught it. “I was in Milan on January 21 and I arrived in Madrid on the 24th. Since the 25th I flew with a fever, I spent three days at 41 … ”, he recalls.
Alone and housed in an apartment in the center of Madrid, the Uruguayan woman went into crisis: “I couldn’t even speak. He had 41 degrees fever and glottic edema. I thought it was a fever from the change of weather, from the cold. I called Uruguay asking to send me a doctor from my travel insurance. The doctor was four hours to get me out of the respiratory crisis”
” I have a very important reflux and that affects me respiratory. I told the doctor about all that (the coronavirus), but he ignored it. It was not, at that time, a topic that was on the table. He doesn’t even mention it to me, I mention it to him. He was a very young boy … But he pulled me out of the crisis, “he continues.
“He gave me 14 days of antibiotics, which was nonsense, I took less. But it left me very well,I could go to parades, I was barbaric. On February 6 I returned to Uruguay and stayed until the 22nd. As I was negotiating with Versace, they called me for meetings on February 24 in Milan. I fly on the 22nd, no less than my birthday, and since I had wi-fi on the flight, I watched what was happening. From Milan he begins to tell me that they are living a war. I arrived in Madrid on Sunday, and a designer friend told me that in no way could I go to Milan considering my health situation. And I stayed in Madrid, where he protected me and took care of me, although there was nothing yet. I went to few places, I saw myself with few people … “, he continued with his story.
Hontou assures that on that second trip she did not have a fever again (“in some media they have put anything”), but despite all the coronavirus was an issue for her, or at least that follows from what she relates below: “ At the Madrid airport I got off with the chinstrap. When I got to Carrasco I asked if there was nothing, no control. And there was nothing. ‘We’re all crazy!’ I told them. I went to eat with my mother, who is 84 years old. Do you think that if I suspected that I had the virus I was going to put my mother in danger? ”
Didn’t you think about suspending your presence at the wedding party? Hontou says no . “He was like a son of mine, I was like anyone!And there were other people from Europe at that party. I stayed two and a half hours, three, and I left because I was tired by jet lag ”, he pointed out.
The viralized audios about Carmela Hontou
Hontou denied Infobae that he had coughed during the wedding and that he felt ill the same day, which would have led to comments from some attendees about whether he did not have the virus. That story was broadcast in viralized audios.
“Lie! I never sneezed … I never sneezed at the wedding. I hardly ever sneeze, really. The joke was because I came from Europe and they told me “ché you will not have the coronavirus”, but in general I do not greet with doubts “.
– But you met many people at the wedding, also the next day at the meeting at your cousin’s, right?
– They laughed. And in my cousin’s vomit, there I began to be voiceless. “Oh guys, I think I have tremendous stress, I’m leaving,” I told them. Nobody thought I had coronavirus, they know me, they know that sometimes I am left without a voice. My sister and my niece were with me, I called my GP who was in Argentina and told him that I was scared.
– Do you think you caught it in Italy in January?
– I can’t know, but I suspect I caught it in January. I am very strong, I have many operations. That strengthened me, I have that nothing kills me. I passed it over to the virus, and what I had later was a relapse because I was floating (the virus) in Madrid, I grabbed the tail. The infectologist told me, he thinks I’m not in the contagion phase anymore, it’s over. He says that I have got the virus and that is why it came out positive, but that I am no longer to infect anyone. I think I grabbed it in those four days at 41 degrees, those days I spent alone in an apartment in Madrid.
– Why didn’t you undergo a study after the first trip to Europe?
– In Madrid everything was uncovered when I came. And here I secluded myself. (After the second trip) I wanted to do the study and they did not want to do it to me, I fought through thick and thin And when I took the sample they did not study it, because they said it was not a serious case. I said, ‘Do I have to be dying to be tested?’
Hontou breaks, he knows that his story is messy and offers many flanks. But she feels lonely and the victim of disproportionate attacks. He fears for the future of himself and his business. The anguished interview closes: “In Argentina many people know me, they are burning my brand, my name. My name is my brand, I have so many clients there …! ”. And crying no longer allows him to continue talking.