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Brandon McCormick Wiki – Brandon McCormick Bio

Brandon McCormick is a Salt Lake City man who failed to think he could pull out a Legolas during the ongoing protests that have swept across the United States following the death of a black man, George Floyd, who died in police custody.

Brandon McCormick Bow and Arrow Video

On Saturday, May 30, McCormick appeared with a bow and arrow in the middle of a protest in Salt Lake City, but protesters surrounded him and shot him down, jumping on his car and, according to some accounts, setting him on fire, according to videos. virals of the incident. Multiple videos show the man aiming a bow and arrow at protesters, who then surround him and jump on him. A man approaches the boy with a skateboard. People also throw things at him. “He’s shooting a bow,” says someone in one of the videos. “Get this motherfucker, man,” says someone else. “Look at this. Your name is American,” a woman challenges the man in a viral video. “Yes, in the United States, all lives matter,” she responds, according to Fox 13. When she points to the bow and arrow, the woman says, “Don’t you dare!”

The video on social media shows that Brandon McCormick got out of his car at an intersection in the capital of Utahn with the gun, which he then pointed at several protesters. A few moments later, a mob surrounds McCormick and begins beating him. They overturned McCormick’s car and set it on fire.

‘First, they beat me up when I yelled” All Lives Matter, “McCormick told KSL-TV on Saturday. ‘Then I took out the weapons and they hit me a little more. “The police officers grabbed me and my car was totaled … I lost everything, coming here to try to protect [the officers] with the weapons I had.” McCormick added: ‘I support the police.

‘I know some cops are bad. I know some people are racists are bad.’

He later told Deseret News: ‘I came down here originally to help the cops.

‘But, all I did was yell out, “All lives matter” and I got beat up by black people.’

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Brandon McCormick of Salt Lake City was filmed with a compound bow 
  • While stopped at an intersection, he took out the weapon and aimed it at others 
  • Several protesters descended on McCormick and left him bloodied and bruised 
  • They then flipped over his car and set it on fire in downtown intersection 
  • McCormick said he yelled ‘All lives matter’ and was there to back up police
  • Salt Lake City mayor issued curfew and Utah governor deployed National Guard 

Brandon McCormick Charge

As of late Saturday, McCormick has not been charged by police. It is unclear if someone who confronted or wrecked his car was arrested. According to his Facebook page, McCormick is originally from Barstow, California. His Facebook page includes several extreme posts about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The protests continued into the night in Salt Lake City on Saturday despite the curfew issued by the mayor and National Guard troops deployed by the Utah governor. Police officers issued announcements that the curfew at 8pm had gone into effect in the hope that protesters would voluntarily leave downtown, said Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown. Police were prepared to give people time to leave, but they planned to arrest people who refused to comply, Brown said. “It is time to go home,” he said at a press conference after the curfew took effect. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s curfew would last until 6 am Monday. Police officers from across Utah and up to 200 Guard soldiers were deployed to control what Governor Gary Herbert called a “growing situation.”

‘We condemn violence and looting,’ Herbert wrote, adding, ‘I once again call on all who are protesting to do so peacefully.’

Six people had been arrested by Saturday night, Brown said.

One police officer was injured after a protester struck the officer on the back of the head with a baseball bat, and two other officers have been hospitalized because of heat exhaustion, he said.