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Brandon Ambrose

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22 year-old Brandon Ambrose from Port Chester, New York, climbed to the top of the statue and used a hammer to knock off the head. Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo told News 8 what surveillance video revealed.
Christopher Columbus statue with heads attracted great attention on Friday in Waterbury. First, the police revealed the identity of the suspect they were looking for in the July 4 decapitation.

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Police say Brandon Ambrose, 22, from Port Chester, New York, climbed to the top of the statue and used a hammer to steal his head. Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo told News 8 what the surveillance video was about.
Investigators said that the surveillance footage on July 4 showed a suspect wearing dark clothes, and the backpack climbed into the statue and hit his head several times with an unknown object until he fell.
Police said that after the suspects tried to sell the nose of the statue that broke during vandalism, the researchers identified 22-year-old Brandon Ambrose in Port Chester, New York.
I said, “At around 2.30 in the morning, someone dressed in dark clothes – looked like a party of fine-built boys – climbed the statue and used a hammer to hammer the face of the statue until the head fell.”
The police saved the head of this statue and realized that something was missing. Detectives were able to track a suspect in this way.

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“He was trying to sell a piece of the statue – the missing nose in the head of the statue,” said Chef Spagnolo.
A small group of protesters held a rally in the headless statue on Friday asking that the entire statue be removed, saying it stands as a symbol of racism.
“Columbus was responsible for genocide, murder, rape,” said Athena Wagner of Waterbury. “Terrible things for Native Americans here.”

Wagner said the call to lift the entire statue in front of the Town Hall is part of a reform movement against what they call systemic racism.
“The equality movement,” Wagner said. “A movement against racism. A move against police brutality. This is the subject of the movement. ”
Chief Spagnolo told News 8 that his department is working to answer calls from people on the streets.
“We’re ready to argue,” said Chief Spagnolo. Difficult discussions about policing reform and policing justice.
The police hope the public can help them find Ambrose regarding damage to the Christopher Columbus statue.
They received an arrest warrant for him. Ambrose is charged with criminal mischief, sanctification of property and theft.
Anyone who can help the police find Ambrose is asked to call (203) 574-6941.

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