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Behrouz Boochani is, a Kurdish-Iranian refugee and writer who documented abuses under Australia’s tough immigration policies during his yearslong detention. Wikipedia

Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish-Iranian refugee and writer who documented abuses under Australia’s tough immigration policies during his long years of detention on a remote Pacific island, gave New Zealand asylum.

Mr. Boochani spent in Christchurch, where he applied for refugee status after a temporary visa to attend a writers festival last November for the past few months.

At the same time, on Thursday, Mr. Boochani’s 37th birthday, which was exactly seven years since his first detention on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, he received a formal notification that the one-year work visa application was successful.

Mr. Boochani said he plans to apply for permanent residence, a road to citizenship. “This is like the end of a part of my life,” he said, saying his news was bitterly sweet because he was still afraid of being detained by Australian officials.

According to the Australian government’s strict policies towards those trying to reach the country by boat, thousands of people, mostly from the Middle East and Africa, were detained indefinitely in the island of Manus and Nauru. “There is policy, so it’s really hard to really enjoy it,” he said.

Mr. Boochani said that the major differences in the way they were treated by the Australian and New Zealand authorities have created a gap in their human rights leadership.

“We want people in the international community to look at this country, to look at Australia and what they are doing and what they are doing,” he said, and in addition he hopes that other detainees will be given asylum. “They must release them.”

Mr. Boochani, who previously worked as a journalist in the Kurdish magazine Werya, fled Iran in 2013 after police arrested several colleagues and raided his office. He spent several months before traveling to Australia by boat, but was stopped by the Australian Navy and sent to Manus Island.

There, he documented human rights abuses against themselves and others, raised awareness about undersized conditions and worsened the mental health of the men he lived with – many escaped persecution in their own country.

Mr. Boochani’s posts on social media have helped to unleash policies that hurt themselves and the suicide of prisoners and poor access to healthcare, with very limited access to camps for journalists and activists.

In early 2019, Mr. Boochani received Australia’s highest paying literary award for his book “No Friends of the Mountains, Mountains” written entirely via WhatsApp. He explained the exploits in the camps in detail and made him a voice for those who were largely silenced by Australia’s strict policies. He could not attend the awards ceremony due to his arrest.

In November, he received a visitor visa to New Zealand to attend the WORD literature festival in Christchurch. he has been living there ever since, working as a researcher at Canterbury University.