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Lueck disappeared after flying back to Salt Lake City from California, where he had attended his grandmother’s funeral. In the early morning of June 17, 2019, she took a Lyft from the airport to Hatch Park in North Salt Lake. There she met Ajayi, who once lived in an apartment complex near the park, and police have said she was last seen getting into her car.

Ayoola Ajayi and MacKenzie Lueck First Meeting

Neal said Wednesday that Ajayi and Lueck first met in 2018 on the dating website. They had chatted and decided to meet in the park, Neal said, without specifying if it was their first time meeting in person.

Lueck’s phone was turned off in the park after he texted Ajayi. Her phone, which investigators later traced to the park at the time, was turned off when she returned to her home in Salt Lake City.

Why Ayoola Ajayi turned off home security system

“To avoid documenting his presence at his home,” Hamilton said, “Mr. Ajayi turned off the video of his home security system before leaving to meet Ms. Lueck.”

Once they were at Ajayi’s home, Hamilton said, Ajayi tied Lueck’s hands behind his back and tried to strangle her with his hands. Hamilton said Lueck “protested” and told Ajayi to stop, but did not. Instead, he moved her onto her stomach and strangled her with a belt until she stopped moving, the attorney said.

Police have said Lueck died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Hamilton said Ajayi later buried Lueck and her belongings in her backyard and dumped some of her things into the Jordan River. The next morning, Ajayi bought a can of gasoline around 9 a.m. and burned the remains, police said, and a neighbor reported a “horrible smell” coming from the backyard fire.

Days later, the police went to Ajayi’s home to ask him questions about Lueck’s disappearance. After they left, Hamilton said, Ajayi dug up Lueck’s remains and took them to Logan Canyon, 85 miles from her home, and reburied her in a shallow grave.

After her arrest, she told her lawyers where Lueck was buried. They worked with Salt Lake County prosecutors to find his body, which police found charred, with his arms tied behind his back with a bridle and rope, on July 3. The burial site was under the trees along the main road.

Ayoola Ajayi Charged

Prosecutors also charged Ajayi with many other crimes, including charges that she kidnapped and sexually assaulted another woman and that she had images of children on her computer. He will also be sentenced on October 23 on the forcible sexual charge involving the other woman.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Ajayi sat at a table next to his attorney in orange prison jumpsuit, thick-rimmed black glasses and a blue medical mask. She looked down for much of the session and spoke in a low, brief voice answering basic questions from the judge, such as confirming that she understood the terms of the plea deal. A court interpreter translated the proceedings into Yoruban.

Ajayi has represented himself as being born in Africa, briefly serving in the US Army and working in information technology for major companies such as Dell, Goldman Sachs, W3Schools, and Comcast.

After the hearing, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill thanked the police and prosecutors who worked on the case from Lueck’s disappearance to near-resolution on Wednesday.

Gill said that while he and the family agreed with this outcome, he understands that it will not achieve “perfect justice” for Lueck’s loved ones.

“The goal is to try to give them the opportunity to move on with their lives,” he said. “There is no perfect justice in a tragedy like this, but [Ajayi] is being held responsible for this murder.”