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Antoine Webington & Heather Janney Wiki – Antoine Webington & Heather Janney Biography

Antoine Webington and Heather Janney are a couple who are now at the center of the latest viral video involving police arrests and alleged brutality.

Why Antoine Webington & Heather Janney video gone viral? What is the real incident?

Antoine Webington and Heather Janney are a couple who are now at the center of the latest viral video involving police arrests and alleged brutality. Janney, a white woman, and Webington, a black man, were driving with their son in Maryland when police pulled them over. Janney was the one who was driving over the speed limit. During the traffic stop, officers asked Webington for her identification. When she refused to give it to her, they forcibly removed her from her car and arrested her.
Janney filmed the entire incident and posted it on her TikTok. Since then, the videos have gone viral.

Why is Wellington forcibly removed from the passenger seat? Watch the video

According to what officers said in the video, the car was originally stopped because Janney was driving “45 [miles per hour] on a 30.”

Antoine Webington & Heather Janney Tiktok Video

Janney captured the entire event on video, which he later posted on TikTok. In the video, Webington says at one point to the camera, “So if she’s going 45 on 30, a traffic ticket, how is it legal for them to get the passenger ID, which they didn’t get, but said they identified me? ”
At that point, the three officers at the scene began working to forcibly remove Webington from the car. Webington repeatedly told officers that she wanted to get out of the car on her own. Throughout the videos, Janney could be heard crying. At one point, Webington told officers that her son was in the car.
The three officers eventually took away a handcuffed Webington. According to TMZ, officers say they arrested Webington because he resisted arrest and has two outstanding warrants.

Heather Janney Donation Request

In a subsequent TikTok, Janney provided more information to the general public about Webington’s current situation and their relationship. She describes herself as a “homemaker” to her son and clarified that Webington needs a lawyer now.
Here’s everything she said in the TikTok ad:
Guys … This is an active case … Anything you say can and will be held against you in court. So I won’t go into details until the case is over. I have been a stay at home mom so I have not been working. It is obvious that Antoine needs a lawyer to win this case successfully.
If they want to help me pay for a lawyer, that would be awesome. Something has to be done about it, Antoine can’t go into that room alone. You need a higher voice, a good lawyer.
… This is racist !! There was no reason for that police officer to ask for your ID when I was the one driving. Authorization or not? Even if the police visually identified him to have a warrant… I still believe that there was no reason for them to take him away from his family like that.

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