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According to federal prosecutors, on Wednesday, two businessmen were charged with a violent abduction from the parking lot at the San Gabriel mall in 2018, which was part of a $ 2 million extortion plan that resulted in the victim’s death.

Anthony Valladares, a 28-year-old Canadian man, is accused of acting as a “muscle”, allegedly driving the vehicle used to kidnap car dealer Ruochen “Tony” Liao, 24-year-old from Azusa, from the US Law Firm in Los Angeles. to a newsletter.

Anthony Valladares criminal complaint

In a criminal complaint opened on Wednesday morning, each is charged with an abduction charge. Officials said Valladares and Romero were detained by FBI agents in the San Gabriel Valley on Tuesday.

The new charges were charged in February 2019, after two other men – after 26-year-old Guangyao Yang and 34-year-old Peicheng Shen, who is known to have lived in West Covina. Yang and Shen face four issues in the U.S., but are currently being detained in China, where additional charges were made in the case of kidnapping.

Ruochen Liao was kidnapped

Ruochen Liao, 28, was kidnapped at a business meeting at San Gabriel Square mall on July 16, 2018.

Investigation report

Investigators said he was a Chinese citizen living in Santa Ana for several years after coming to the US to go to college. He lived with a visa in the USA and ran a business selling high-quality vehicles.

Ruochen Liao Kidnapped witnesses

Witnesses at the mall reported that Liao had been driven in a dark van.
Since then, the FBI has uncovered evidence that Liao has been beaten and surrendered many times while Valladares and Romero missed it.
Liao’s parents in China were then told to invest $ 2 million in Chinese bank accounts in exchange for their son’s life. Prosecutors said the family sent “proof of life” photos stating that Liao was badly beaten, blindfolded and tied with duct tape.

What investigators believes about Ruochen Liao

Investigators believe Liao was held in a closet in a house in Corona and died the day after he was often beaten and kidnapped. Yang and Shen are charged with burying Liao’s body in the desert near the town of Mojave in the early morning of July 18.

Anthony Valladares Liao’s family

A month later, Liao’s family is still looking for her and offered $ 150,000 for information that would lead to her safe return. Family lawyer Matthew Lombard said Liao was the only child and was “loved”.
Liao’s remnants were recovered in an FBI investigation and were positively identified by DNA testing on July 26, 2019.

According to prosecutors, Valladares claimed that he was paid $ 1,000 to help with the kidnapping, and Romero admitted that he was hired as a driver.
Both men are revived in the federal prison if convicted of kidnapping.